70mai the latest firmware update for Dash Cam A800

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To all customers,

Thank you for your support.

As we received plenty of repeated questions from you, we decided to create this thread to post answers here. This thread will keep updating to help you solve your problems.

Date: 2021.03.30

Version: 1.0.9ww


Add speed unit option to settings item.

Optimize the sensitivity of vehicle triggered emergency video and parking monitoring video.

Optimize video watermark style.

Fix some known problems.

How to update firmware on the 70mai APP?

Please follow the steps below to perform the firmware update.

1. Open the 70mai APP and tap  > My devices. In the device list, find 70mai Dash Cam A800.

2. If there is available update of the firmware, a small red dot displays on the right side of the device name. Tap the name to enter the detailed device page and tap Firmware Update > Download New Firmware Version.

Note: Firmware download requires disconnecting the Wi-Fi connection to the dash cam.

3. After the download is completed, return to the homepage and reconnect the Dash Cam. After entering the preview screen, there will be a prompt Available update package detected. Push it to the Dash Cam?Tap Push and then connect the dash cam Wi-Fi to complete the push.

4. After the dash cam receives the update package, complete the update in the dash cam screen.

Note: The dash cam should be connected to an external power supply during the update.

5. After the update is completed, you can delete the local firmware package by tapping  in the upper right corner of the firmware update page.

We will keep updating this thread, please contact us via help@70mai.com if you can not find your question on the list.


70mai Team

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  • Dmitry 2021-4-13
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    Will there be added support for the "driving route" function for this recorder?
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    I have several issues with this update. Firstly the front camera stops recording after 2 minutes (set with 2 min recording interval). The rear camera seems to continue recording normally...
    Made a reset of the SD card (128 Gb samsung very fast card)
    Before the rear camera was not detected until I deconnect and reconnect it (after update)
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    Where is the MPH setting that was promised in this update? 
  • Danil 2021-4-23
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    M-DRV_1600307530809 Where is the MPH setting that was promised in this update?

    Check the firmware update for your A800.

    New firmware 1.0.9 is available with the ability to switch to MPH. 


  • simonecapo 2021-5-2
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    After update firmware 1.0.9ww rear cam not problem , front camera have this problem :

    By setting 50hz pal :

                 Setting at 3 minutes file registered 2 minutes and 30 seconds

                 Setting at 2 minutes file registered 1 minutes and 40 seconds

                 Setting at 1 minutes file registered 0 minutes and 50 seconds

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  • 70mai 2021-5-7
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    M-DRV_1546263403715 After update firmware 1.0.9ww rear cam not problem , front camera have this problem :By set ...

    Can you share a wetransfer link for me to check the original video which was copied from memory card?

    So as I can confirm the problem.

  • simonecapo 2021-5-8
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    70mai M-DRV_1546263403715 After update firmware 1.0.9ww rear cam not probl ...
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    No MPH option for 1.0.9ww (UK) firmware option WHY!!!
  • 70mai 2021-5-10
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    Settings-Video Settings-Speed Unit-mh
  • 70mai 2021-5-10
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    I'm downloading your 1.7G video now. and I will get back to you after confirming the problem with QA.
  • 70mai 2021-5-12
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    M-DRV_1546263403715 https://we.tl/t-89AeobYBhA
    Hi3715, The testers are analyzing your videos now. I will keep update the latest status here for you
  • 70mai 2021-5-13
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    M-DRV_1546263403715 https://we.tl/t-89AeobYBhA
    Hi,the developer has confirmed that this is a bug. And they have added this issue to list with high priority. 

    I strongly recommend you to change a nickname and stay in BBS, this issue will be resolved in next firmware update.
  • simonecapo 2021-5-14
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    Ok for nickname from M-DRV_1546263403715 to simonecapo ...

  • 70mai 2021-5-14
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    simonecapo Ok for nickname from M-DRV_1546263403715 to simonecapo  ...
    Haha, I thought you've left and not getting back to this thread.
  • simonecapo 2021-5-24
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    Hi, I have another problem that I have noticed.
    After adjusting the time or synchronizing with the smartphone, at night when the cam remains off for a long time, it turns on again and goes back 2 hours.
    Is it a bug or am I something wrong? 
  • Danil 2021-5-24
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    simonecapo Hi, I have another problem that I have noticed. After adjusting the time or synchronizing with the ...
    Change the time zone to the correct one in the settings menu of the DVR. The app does not have this setting.
  • simonecapo 2021-5-27
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    Danil Change the time zone to the correct one in the settings menu of the DVR. The app does not have this ...
    I tried -2 hours, +2 hours, 0 hours.
    Result the file recorded in the video and data has 2 hours difference. 
  • Danil 2021-5-27
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    simonecapo I tried -2 hours, +2 hours, 0 hours. Result the file recorded in the video and data has 2 hours dif ...
    What city and country do you live in?
  • simonecapo 2021-5-27
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    Danil What city and country do you live in?
  • huuphamlc 12 Months+
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    my 70mai a800 (bought from taobao) cannot update firmware from 1.0.6 to another firmware, can you help me find why update not working, please.
    Many Thanks.

    12 Months+
  • Meganitrospeed 12 Months+
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    huuphamlc my 70mai a800 (bought from taobao) cannot& ...
    The A800 is no longer supported only the A800S is afaik
    12 Months+
  • simonecapo 9 Months+
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    Finally I found the reason that always put the time back by 2 hours even on the day of the precise adjustment.
    If it helps anyone, there is a default setting on automatic time adjustment, it was set to on.
    Now that I have turned it off, the time remains correct. 
    9 Months+
  • simonecapo 9 Months+
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    I spoke too soon ...
    Now go back 1 hour instead of 2 ... 
    9 Months+
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    Hello! Is the "time-lapse recording" and "driving route" in the A800 a chance to put into it? Thanks:
    9 Months+
  • simonecapo 9 Months+
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    They are not present on this cam. 
    9 Months+
  • 70mai 9 Months+
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    M-DRV_1636819613605 Hello! Is the "time-lapse recording" and "driving route" in the A800 a chance to ...
    Hi, currently there are these two functions (time-lapse function and driving route function) in A500S and A800S. But we have received your suggestion. If possible, they will be added in A800.
    9 Months+
  • 70mai 9 Months+
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    simonecapo They are not present on this cam.
    Hi, A800 and A800S have different functions. A800 doesn't support time-lapse and driving route function.
    9 Months+
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    Hello, the camera shoots for hours every 15 or 20 days, sometimes in park, and drains the battery.  It does this sometimes.  Type of connection 1 cable is connected to the vehicle ignition 1 cable is connected in such a way that there is continuous electricity.  The assembly was done in accordance with the booklet.  This way he rarely shoots continuously.  I think it has something to do with the software. 

    8 Months+
  • simonecapo 8 Months+
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    70mai Hi, currently there are these two functions (time-lapse function and driving route function) in A500 ...
    Do you mean that you are working on a new firmware for a800? 
    8 Months+
  • 70mai 8 Months+
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    simonecapo Do you mean that you are working on a new firmware for a800?
    Hi, thank you for your message. If there is any update, we will keep it updated.
    8 Months+
  • 70mai 8 Months+
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    M-DRV_1629107352471 Hello, the camera shoots for hours every 15 or 20 days, sometimes in park, and drains the battery. & ...
    Hi, from your description, I have no idea about what's the problem. Please contact us via help@70mai.com and it would be great if you can provide some videos and other necessary info. 
    8 Months+
  • A800_FTW 7 Months+
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    We need time-lapse function for the A800. Thanks.
    7 Months+
  • 70mai 7 Months+
    2 Quote 34Floor
    A800_FTW Hello! We need time-lapse function for the A800. Thanks.
    Hi, thank you for your suggestion. We will assess its feasibility.
    7 Months+
  • AndyTran8458 7 Months+
    4 Quote 35Floor
    Please please provide time-lapse function for A800, it’s so important. Parking mode is not useful without it. 
    I feel so bad I had just bought A800 then A800s was out and A800 is discontinued. Now A800 receives so little update. 
    7 Months+
  • A800_FTW 7 Months+
    1 Quote 36Floor
    A800 definitely needs some more love in form of firmware updates. Great dashcam too bad it was discontinued so fast. Luckily BANGGOOD.com still has some units in stock.
    7 Months+
  • 70mai 6 Months+
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    A800_FTW A800 definitely needs some more love in form of firmware updates. Great dashcam too bad it was disco ...
    Hi, do you encounter a problem when you use or have some suggestion about the dash cam A800? Which function do you refer to for firmware updates? Feel free to let me know.
    6 Months+
  • 1 Quote 38Floor
    70mai Hi, do you encounter a problem when you use or have some suggestion about the dash cam A800? Which f ...
    Hello! In version 1.0.9, the parking function does not work well. When this function is turned on, it sometimes does not record anything during normal operation. It also doesn't work well for others as a new post on the forum. there was no problem with it in version 1.0.6. It’s like going into endless parking mode, it only records for 30 seconds and the screen works normally. However, it does not record anything about the trip. 
    Thanks for looking into the bug!
    6 Months+
  • 1 Quote 39Floor
    Is there even possibility for new A800 firmware? Honest answer please.
    6 Months+
  • simonecapo 6 Months+
    2 Quote 40Floor
    You asked if we have any suggestions:
    Improve the quality of the rear cam that needs it
    If possible, refine the quality of the front cam
    In particular conditions of against the sun the cam sees the white burnt sky
    When exiting the tunnels, the brightness adjustment is slow
    If possible improve the recording with codec h265 so that the file maintains the quality and decreases the weight
    If possible, reduce consumption so that you can consume less battery with the engine off
    Now you have some suggestions, what you think is necessary and possible, I think it will please many who have bought the cam on indigogo and who have believed in you, like me.
    It seems to me that many are asking for firmware updates.
    Now it's your turn to decide what to do ... 
    6 Months+
  • 70mai 6 Months+
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    M-DRV_1641982295292 Is there even possibility for new A800 firmware? Honest answer please.
    Hi, currently this dash cam is out of stock and I am afraid that sigle point cannot be pushed forward. 
    6 Months+
  • 70mai 6 Months+
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    M-NA_6200000280202100 Hello! In version 1.0.9, the parking function does not work well. When this function is turned on, i ...
    Hi, thank you for your feedback. Do you mean that it doesn't record videos even in normal recording mode? Currently I didn't encounter such problem and could you please send us a short video to show your problem? And you can contact us via help@70mai.com. We will help you solve your problem there. 
    6 Months+
  • 70mai 6 Months+
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    simonecapo You asked if we have any suggestions: Improve the quality of the rear cam that needs it If possibl ...
    Thank you for your comment here. Since there is seldom video quality problems received, you can contact us via help@70mai.com and it would be great if you can attach a short video to show your problem. We value our users' suggestion but we can also access its numbers of feedback and necessity. What's more, if it is a aftersales issue, we will help you solve your problem. If it is suggestion, we also send it to our product team. They are two different concepts. 
    6 Months+
  • simonecapo 6 Months+
    2 Quote 44Floor
    70mai Thank you for your comment here. Since there is seldom video quality problems received, you can cont ...
    I try to explain myself better:
    We all bought this great dash cam when only the idea was to build it, and as a result we got 2 upgrades.
    Others and I ask for some more updates, suggesting what the points of interest would be.
    You ask me if it's a suggestion or a problem and write 2 comments above: "M-DRV_1641982295292 Is there even possibility for new A800 firmware? Honest answer please.

    Hi, currently this dash cam is out of stock and I am afraid that sigle point cannot be pushed forward. ".
    It means that you are not going to update the firmware ...
    Why ask people if they have any problems or suggestions if you don't want to update the firmware? 
    6 Months+
  • Joyride 5 Months+
    1 Quote 45Floor
    Hello, the camera has moments when it does not register in normal operation. And another annoying problem would be that if I disable the speed display it doesn't register anymore. The firmware is 1.0.9
    5 Months+
  • simonecapo 5 Months+
    0 Quote 46Floor
    Joyride Hello, the camera has moments when it does not register in normal operation. And another annoying pr ...
    Hi Joyride, from what we have guessed they have no intention of updating the firmware, if I'm not mistaken they did 2 or maybe 3, then abandoned like the customers who bought it.
    And since they don't even answer you, I try to tell you what to do: the only chance you have is a hard reset if it doesn't work, download the latest firmware 1.0.9 ww and install it on top of what you have.
    If the problem persists the only one is to send it under warranty, if still covered.
    Good luck ... 
    5 Months+
  • 70mai 5 Months+
    0 Quote 47Floor
    simonecapo Hi Joyride, from what we have guessed they have no intention of updating the firmware, if I'm not mi ...
    Hi, we don't abandon our customers. As the dash cam A800 is out of stock now, the firmware update is kind of long. If you have any problems with this dash cam under warranty, you can contact us via help@70mai.com. 
    5 Months+
  • simonecapo 5 Months+
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    70mai Hi, we don't abandon our customers. As the dash cam A800 is out of stock now, the firmware update is ...
    Does this mean that you are developing new firmware? 
    5 Months+
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    Please! Help us! The update have many bugs! The dash cam doesn't work after updating to this new version firmware. 1.0.9
    2 Months+
  • simonecapo 2 Months+
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    M-DRV_1653112942495 Please! Help us! The update have many bugs! The dash cam doesn't work after updating to this new ver ...
    I believe that if you want them to read your request (I said they read they don't listen) you will have to do better, let me explain: you have to go into more detail about what is not working for you, once you have explained it in as much detail as possible, it ends there. no one will move ... I bet you will buy cams from this brand again, right?
    2 Months+
  • simonecapo 2 Months+
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    M-DRV_1653112942495 Please! Help us! The update have many bugs! The dash cam doesn't work after updating to this new ver ...
    I think everyone who bought this cam thinks the same ...
    2 Months+
  • 1 Quote 52Floor
    I have the dual channel A800 and 70mai hard-wire kit. The dash-cam systems has been working pretty great right out of the box. But ever since I updated to 1.0.9ww last week, the dash cam will SOMETIMES fail to start when I start the engine (before I updated the firmware it used to just turn on and off with my car perfectly every single time). 

    At first I though it might just be the screen that didn't turn on, but after I did some tests I realized the dash-cam was not ON at all and it didn't record anything.

    Another problem that has been bugging me is the time setting. I am in western Canada (GMT -8:00) and I wanted it to adjust the time according to the daylight saving time. But the clock on the dash-cam is permanently 1 hour later than the actual time. No matter how I set it, it's always 1 hour slower than the current time. Now I just gave up on setting the time.

    I have only owned this dash cam system for less than 1 year, and I have been regretting ever since I read it somewhere that the A800 is officially considered "retired".
    1 Months+
  • simonecapo 22 Days+
    1 Quote 53Floor
    One of the problems never solved is the time.
    If you set a city it works, as soon as you turn it off and back on it changes the time either forwards or backwards as you please.
    And it's just one of many he's ever solved.
    But now abandoned like a dog they don't want anymore, together with their customers.
    22 Days+
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