70mai the latest firmware update for Dash Cam A800S

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To all customers,

Thank you for your support.

As we received plenty of repeated questions from you, we decided to create this thread to post answers here. This thread will keep updating to help you solve your problems.




1.Added support for Thai and Polish languages.

2.Fix known issues.

How to update firmware on the 70mai APP?

Please follow the steps below to perform the firmware update.

1. Open the 70mai APP and tap  > My devices. In the device list, find 70mai Dash Cam A800S.

2. If there is available update of the firmware, a small red dot displays on the right side of the device name. Tap the name to enter the detailed device page and tap Firmware Update > Download New Firmware Version.

Note: Firmware download requires disconnecting the Wi-Fi connection to the dash cam.

3. After the download is completed, return to the homepage and reconnect the Dash Cam. After entering the preview screen, there will be a prompt Available update package detected. Push it to the Dash Cam?Tap Push and then connect the dash cam Wi-Fi to complete the push.

4. After the dash cam receives the update package, complete the update in the dash cam screen.

Note: The dash cam should be connected to an external power supply during the update.

5. After the update is completed, you can delete the local firmware package by tapping  in the upper right corner of the firmware update page.

We will keep updating this thread, please contact us via help@70mai.com if you can not find your question on the list.


70mai Team

Change Log:

Date: 2021.03.01  

Version: 0.0.47ww      


1.Fix: The memory card is damaged under abnormal circumstances.

2.Fix: Video watermark without speed information.

3.Optimized:Improve the stability of the device's memory card when running.

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    What is the current latest version?
    Is it 0.0.48b.ww?
    1 Months+
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    не работает парковочный режим на этой прошивке
    26 Days+
  • 70mai 19 Days+
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    M-DRV_1613476089761 What is the current latest version? Is it 0.0.48b.ww?
    No, it's 0.0.47ww so far.
    19 Days+
  • 70mai 19 Days+
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    M-DRV_1618489397562 не работает парковочный режим на этой прошивке
    Q5: Why does Dash Cam A800S not support Parking surveillance mode without 70mai hardware kit?
    The 70mai Dash Cam A800S and 70mai rear camera consume a lot of power while being activated,using the battery to supply parking surveillance power might lead to a low battery or other special problems.
    19 Days+
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    hello. I have  few questions.

    1st: Will you planning add Polish language ?

    2nd: Is it possible in update to "fix" menu to be more intuitive to know what codex h.265 or h.264 we are using, I assume that's video storage high compression option( correct me if I'm wrong ) , but I would like to use (low) h.264 and 2k resolution( if it's possible), now on low compression it's just a 1920*1080

    3rd: Is it possible in next update to add "turned off automatically in parking" = 1 min after stop ? now it's dont turn off 5/10/20min

    4th: Will you planning add 2k resolution with 60fps ?

    Have a good day for all 
    19 Days+
  • 70mai 18 Days+
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    M-DRV_1618999798645 hello. I have few questions. 1st: Will you planning add Polish language ? 2nd: Is it possible ...
    1.You will be able to enable polish as the system language after upgrading the next firmware version
    2. You can choose high compression option to recording high resolution videos.
    3.Are you using the hardware kit?
    4.Yeah, we are planning to add 60FPS mode .But not 2K with 60FPS.
    18 Days+
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    70mai 1.You will be able to enable polish as the system language after upgrading the next firmware version ...
    thank you for answers and about hardware kit, no I dont use it, but probably i will start ( so it will turn off after I turn off engine)
    have a good day all, and stay save on road
    17 Days+
  • 70mai 16 Days+
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    M-DRV_1618999798645 thank you for answers and about hardware kit, no I dont use it, but probably i will start ( so it wi ...
    Well, glad to receive your message. have a good day!
    16 Days+
  • Titan1um 14 Days+
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    Which issues are fixed in 1.0.0 ? 

    14 Days+
  • 70mai 8 Days+
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    M-DRV_1619865802165 Which issues are fixed in 1.0.0 ? 
    I will update the update log today.
    8 Days+
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    Hi, can you make it save the GPS position in a text file like the A800 and A500 or save it in the GPS atom of the video files, like you do on the 70mai pro?

    I updated from the 70 pro to the A800S and I can't see my track on a map because I can't extract the GPS data.
    2 Days+
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