70mai Dash Cam 1S: Frequently Asked Questions

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To all customers,

Thank you for your support.

As we received plenty of repeated questions from you, we decided to create this thread to post answers here. This thread will keep updating to help you solve your problems.

Here are the questions and answers:

Common Questions:

Q1: Is there an online manual for Dash Cam 1S?

Yes, here is the instruction of your 70mai Dash Cam 1S: https://help.70mai.asia/639.html

You can read this first, please contact us if you have any problem.

APP Questions:

Q1: How to receive the verification code?

1. Some emails can not receive the verification code immediately because of the server delay. The verification code should be received in 30 minutes.

2. You can use another email or use Facebook to log in directly if the sign-up verification code takes too long to receive.

Q2: How to add 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S on 70mai app?

1. Open the 70mai app and tap“Add Device” on the homepage.

2. Find “70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S” in the device list, and tap the device picture to enter the connection process.

3. Turn on the Dash Cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot and then complete the connection according to the prompts on the app screen.

Q3: Why can’t my device be connected to two mobile phones at the same time?

Currently, the device does not support connection to two mobile phones at the same time. To connect to another mobile phone, please delete the device on the previous mobile phone.

Q4: What is P/N in dash cam settings?

P(PAL) and N(NTSC) stand for different TV standards.

The default TV standard dash cam using is PAL. If the preview screen on the dash cam blinks when recording videos, this may result from different TV standards using between the device and your region. Please change it accordingly in Settings.

Q5: Why is there a lag when I watch the preview screen with my mobile phone?

  • Please check if the mobile phone Bluetooth is turned on. If so, the preview screen may occasionally be lagged, because Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interfere with each other and compete for channels. In order not to affect the preview, you can turn off the Bluetooth.

  • If the Bluetooth is off, there may be a device problem. Please contact customer service.

Q6: How to download 70mai APP


Please search 70mai on Google Play to download the 70mai APP in your area.


Please make sure that after you log in to your account outside of mainland China, search for 70mai in the APP Store to download the 70mai APP in your area.

Overseas users can also choose to download 70mai app via the download page official website: https://www.70mai.com/en/download/#download

Hardware Questions:

Q1:How to power on?

Press the Power button;

If the device is connected to the cigarette lighter, when the car is started and the cigarette lighter is power-on, the device automatically turns on;

Q2: How to power off?

Dash Cam supports the following three ways to power off:

Press and hold the Power button.

Press and hold the Power button for about 15 seconds to force shutdown the Dash Cam.

If the device is connected to the cigarette lighter, when the car is stopped and the cigarette lighter is power-off, the device automatically turns off.

Q3: Can the device be used without external power supply?

The device has a built-in battery, but it is only used to supply power for final video storage when the device is turned off. It is not recommended to use the device without an external power supply.

When the device screen prompts “Low battery; please connect the charging cable”, please plug in the charging cable.

Q4: Can I pause during recording?

Dash cam is a road safety record tool and it will as much as possibly record driving videos in order to maximize the protection of the rights of car owners. Therefore, Dash cam does not support manually pause recording.

Q5: How to check whether the dash cam is in normal recording?

Please check the indicator status on the side of the dash cam. If the indicator is green, the dash cam is recording normally; if the indicator turns red, the recording is abnormal.

Q6: What types of videos the dash cam record?

Dash cam records the following video types:

  • Normal video

  • Emergency video

  • Parking surveillance video

Q7: How to record an emergency video?

When a vehicle collides, the acceleration sensor detects a huge change in acceleration and triggers an emergency video recording.

In the automatic collision recording, the difference in collision severity, collision angle, vehicle speed may vary, so not every collision will be recorded as emergency video. If a collision video is not found in the emergency video list, please find it in the normal video list.

In order to prevent important videos from being erased, please export them to other media such as mobile phones and computers after a collision happened.

Q8: Can the Dash Cam 1S use the hardware kit?

No, the Dash Cam 1S doesn't support parking surveillance mode.

Q9: What memory card does Dash cam support?

Dash cam supports microSD cards with a capacity of 16GB~64GB and a read/write speed of Class 10 and above. Some microSD cards with other capacities and lower levels may also be used, but we do not guarantee their effective recording. Low-level SD cards may cause slower writing and video recording errors.

In addition, please use genuine SD cards bought from regular channels. If you use a microSD card of poor quality, there may be video writing errors or damaged videos in the video list after for a period of time.

Firmware Questions:

Q1: Does the 1S support voice control?

Yes, 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S supports the following voice commands: Take picture: Quickly capture a photo. Record video: Start recording a 30s-long emergency video.

Q2: What can I do if I can not connect the wifi of the device?

1. Please open the location authorize of the 70mai APP in the system setting list for solving this problem.

2. Please check whether your device is correct or not. Smart Dash cam and Dash cam 1S are totally different.

3. Please make sure that your wifi password filled in is correct.

Q3: What is the Wi-Fi password of the dash cam?

The default password of the dash cam Wi-Fi hotspot is “12345678”. You can change the password in the app after connecting with your phone.

Q4: Can the Wi-Fi password of the dash cam be modified?

You can modify the dash cam Wi-Fi password in the app on your phone.

After entering the app, select “Settings” – “Modify Wi-Fi password” and set a new Wi-Fi password then submit.

After modifying the dash cam’s Wi-Fi password, the phone needs to reconnect to the dash cam’s hotspot with the new password.

Q5: How to modify the system settings of the dash cam?

After connecting the dash cam with the 70mai app, enter the dash cam plug-in interface and then click “Dash cam Settings” to enter the setup interface.

Q6: How to set the collision sensitivity of the dash cam?

Go to “Settings”- “Collision sensitivity” to set the trigger sensitivity of the acceleration sensor which can trigger automatically emergency video saving when collision happens.

Q7: How to format a microSD card?

You can do the any of the followings:

  • Press the power button of the dash cam 3 times;

  • After connecting with the dash cam on the 70mai app, go to dash cam settings to format the microSD card.

In the process of formatting the memory card, the video recording will stop and the phone app will not be able to operate other functions.

After the formatting is completed, the dash cam will automatically start recording.

Q8: How to return factory settings?

You can do the any of the followings:

  • Press the power button of the dash cam 5 times;

  • After connecting with the dash cam on the 70mai app, go to dash cam settings to return factory settings.

After the factory resetting is completed, the dash cam will automatically shut down. Please press the power button to restart.

Q9: Why does the dash cam 1S always restart?

1. Please make sure that you use the original charging cable and head.

2. It is highly recommended that charge the dash cam over 1 hour at home using the original charging cable and see if it still occurs.

3. If the step above doesn’t work, please change another U3&Class10 SD card and check again.

Q10:How to upgrade the firmware?

Here is the upgrading path in 70mai APP:  Download 70mai APP---Enable hotspot and connect your cell phone the device------ Tap the app top-left icon---- Choose My device------Download the latest firmware----Reconnect your cell phone and push the firmware to the 1S----Connect the power resource and wait until the update succeeded.

We will keep updating this thread, please contact us via help@70mai.com if you can not find your question on the list.


70mai Team

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