A800s Audio Playback Issue with 0.0.47.ww Firmware - Anyone else?


I've the 70mai A800s + rear cam + hardwire kit. The dash cam is on latest firmware 0.0.47.ww and I'm using SanDisk Etreme Pro 128GB card. The recorded video is fine but while playing back the video on the dashcam or in a mobile phone or in computer, the audio is completely unusable. It is distorted. Someone posted a video on YouTube with this issue and described it a night recording issue. I found it happens in day time or night time.

I have even tried with SanDisk High Endurance card but result is the same. Just for info I'm not a new 70mai dash cam user. I have used the 70mai Dash Cam Pro + GPS module and didn't have this audio issue on that device.

Here is the link of that YouTube video from other user - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQBUb0Tydjo

I can also upload my video if needed but the above video shows the audio issue.

Anyone else having this issue? Did I recevie a faulty unit? I'm hoping this is a firmware issue and not a faulty unit which can be fixed with firmware update.

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    I bought same camera kit on 24/03/2021 and i have same problem, watch here https://youtu.be/GRSpNGV14dU
    Also sometimes last number in GPS coordinates is half (video time 1:04).

    最后于 16 Days+ 被M-DRV_1616950091041编辑 ,原因:
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    Yes, I bought around the same time too. Seems we are having this exact same issue. I wonder if the other A800S owners are having same issue or not even if they bought earlier.

    How to get this fixed? Anyone official please have a look and let us know what we can do. Thanks.
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    To me it sounds like the microphone module inside the camera is loose.
    I doubt VERY much that you'll get a response from the makers though, they seem to ignore every post on this forum.
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    Good news my friends, today I contacted someone from the 70mai Online Store, who bought my camera and said the problem.
    He gave me a Whats application number and sent me the new firmware.
    He told me that they know and will publish it soon.
    Copy and paste these 2 files into the sd card insert in the Dash Camera and then turn it on.
    Wait a while and then you have 0.0.49.ww firmware without sound problem.
    I share it with you, good luck https://drive.google.com/file/d/10xybHyKhR-zLQUNwb9fst8Y6cSEoG1jE/view?usp=sharing

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    Thanks. I'm talking to the 70mai store support as well. Will wait for them to send me the link or will wait until they publish the new firmware that is available to download via the mobile app.
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