New firmware needed asap

I was given the A800 cam as a gift.

I installed it but found that the speed unit will only register in KPH.

As i live in the UK this unit is useless in the event of an accident as we use MPH, KPH is not recognised by UK insurance companies.

To my dismay i learnt that the unit cannot be changed without a firmware update. My cam reports that i have the latest version 1.0.6ww.

Why can this not be changed without flashing the firmware ? It's riduculous to say the least, there should be a setting in the menus to alter it.

So when will the new firmware be issued ?

Also where can i get a new battery ?, the one in the brand new camera is dead.

As the cam is at the moment, it's just a screen ornament.

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    That is what i am waiting for since i got this device, i am very happy with but disappointed that no frmware support or not listening users at all!

    Please make MPH for UK Users!
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    I get the general idea that the makers of these cams don't listen to their customers feedback or complaints.
    They certainly don't read these posts very often judging by the replies.
    I cannot even find any information on where to buy a new battery for the A800. I know the type of battery i need but the ONLY place i have found it is in China, and the suppliers there state that they do not deliver to the UK.
    A super capacitor would have been far better than the battery in these cameras.
    If i can find anything about a super capacitor for my cam i will post on here for all that want to make the change.
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    After doing some research it appears that the cam cannot be fitted with a super cap unless it is fitted to the outside of the case.
    I've seen a picture of the mod done to another cam and it looks awful so i will not be persuing it further.
    If anyone knows where a new battery can be bought i would be very grateful for the info.
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    M-DRV_1616114465333 That is what i am waiting for since i got this device, i am very happy with but disappointed that no ...
    found the mph setting in new 4k dash cam a800s...they may release new firmware for a800
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    M-DRV_1616084348330 I get the general idea that the makers of these cams don't listen to their customers feedback or com ...
    Lol,what's wrong?
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    @M-DRV_1523935852039     I doubt it as the A800s is the replacement for the A800. It seems A800 owners have been left out in the cold.
    @M-DRV_1616084348330     The "customer service" from this company leaves a LOT to be desired, i've never come across a company that ignores so many of it's customers. We should all "vote with our feet" and walk away from this shoddy cowboy company.
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    If anyone is interested, the battery for a 70mai A800 or 70mai Pro and possibly the A800s, can be purchased from here --
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    M-DRV_1616084348330 If anyone is interested, the battery for a 70mai A800 or 70mai Pro and possibly the A800s, can be pu ...
    So how do you replace any tutorial on YouTube?
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    Follow the instructions for the Pro version.
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    M-DRV_1616084348330 Follow the instructions for the Pro version.
    Don't need now but asking for future, is it hard to open shell of a800 might damage?
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    Remove sticker on the back of cam. Undo two screws a pull the two halves apart. Easy !
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    Any response for new firmware? Need MPH
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    None at all.
    Seems the makers really do ignore their customers !
    I'm disgusted with the lack of contact from them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Check the firmware update for your A800.

    New firmware 1.0.9 is available with the ability to switch to MPH. 


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    Thanks for the tip.
    Device now updated.
    Thank you.
    7 Days+
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