Voice commands for Pro Plus!


Please add the voice control function as it is in the pro version.  This is really very helpful while driving.  Do you foresee adding this feature with the next software update?  Please also add more languages, e.g. Polish.  

70mai, I am waiting for your answer. 


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    Voice command not working in Pro plus a500
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    They remove the voice command on Pro Plus. Feel people using it.
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    Did voice commands previously work in Pro Plus and no longer work since update 0.0.37ww? Is it supposed to be like that, or will they turn it on in the new update?
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    Please add back this feature through framework upgrade 
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  • 70mai 19 Days+
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    We've removed this function simply because there are lots of users who can not activate voice command because the accent. We will add this function back once this problem is been solved.
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    " because the accent"
    Seriously? In other models accent isn't problem but here it is? ;)
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  • 70mai 18 Days+
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    M-DRV_1618641481246 " because the accent" Seriously? In other models accent isn't problem but here it is? ;)
    We are solving this problem now, and we will enable this function again once it is ready. We will invite 70mai fans to test before it is released.
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    70mai We are solving this problem now, and we will enable this function again once it is ready. We will in ...
    I will be happy to test it. 
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  • 70mai 16 Days+
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    M-DRV_1618641481246 I will be happy to test it.
    Hahaha, can you send your living country and email address via private message, so we can contact you once it is ready?

    It  will be even better if you can tell us the 70mai dash cam versions you own
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  • balbo_x 11 Days+
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    I have the same issue with the voice control function, this being one of the reasons I chose the dash cam (70mai pro plus+) and would like to have it back. 

    LE: also, more than happy to test this function, if needed.

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  • 70mai 5 Days+
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    M-DRV_1618641481246 I will be happy to test it.
    I received your message :)
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