A800 sometimes not recording

Becareful all, I bought 2 set of  A800 with front, rear and hardwire kit, got it installed and been using for 10 days now, after I installed and testing it a few days and this is what I find.

First set of my camera, the rear camera quality is very bad, can hardly identify the number plate of the other cars.

Second set of camera, I was very happy with it until yesterday I took a 30 min trip to a store, upon arriving and was waiting for my wife to do her shopping I decided to check out my footage, it appears the for the 30 min trip I just did I only have 2 footage, 1 when I started the jouney and 2nd footage is when I power up the camera to check the footage. When I started the jouney I have not touch the camera at all and have checked the camera has the red dot indicating it is recording. So that 30 min drive nothing is recorded except the first 3 min when journey was started.

I had email the supporting and no responding at all hope they will soon.

Just alerting you all thinking that you have a dash but when you need it there might be nothing to protect you.

Has anyone have the same problem or no body check their camera regularly.

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    Same at me. It makes just one 1 minute record, then nothing. The red dot recording indicator is blinking. :-(
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    Same problem here, this post its about 6 months!!! And its not resolved.
    I Will buy another camera on eBay, 70mai destroy this camera with the last update 
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    change sd card to samsung evo plus U3 
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    All 70MAI A800 have this bug. This bug appear when parking video is recording and driver start the car (acc in is coming). I'm Xiaomi seller in Uzbekistan and i find this bug every day.
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