App says "Not connected to dash cam's WI-FI hotspot" while showing it is connected....

Phone: Redmi Note 5

Cam: 70mai A500

As the attached screenshot show, my phone is properly connected to the app wifi hotspot (message on the bottom), still the app says "Not connected to dash cam's WI-FI hotspot".
Tried turning on/off the hotspot on the cam, on/off the wifi on the phone, still the same. 

Pressing the "connect" button on the bottom of the screen just brings up the android wifi settings, what also shows my phone is connected to the hotspot wifi.

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    same problem here with android.

    if I install the 70mai app from the qrcode in the dashcam menu I can't register because it asks for a mainland china mobile number, and I haven't.

    If I install the app from play store I can register and login but I can't connect to my dashcam: I enable hotspot, I connect my android device to hotspot (and it connects) but app says : "Not connected to dash cam's Wi-Fi hotspot" but it is connected.

    I gave permission to localization.
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    I had the same problem. It was working when select 'forget network', reconnect and enter password I was able to connect with the app, but next time problem again. Changed password for the WiFi hotspot in app setting page and it worked. I now can always Autoconnect the phone.
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