70 Mai Dash Cam Pro Plus PROBLEM

1. Not suported video rezolution 2560X1440 16:9  

2. Motion sensitivity does not detect it.

3. Sensitivity to parking surveillance. On dvr the camera is set to "high". I have to hit the cameras directly to start recording surveillance. I tried to hit the front windows, move the cars, hit masks, close the door - to no avail. I have a feeling he can only start recording when he is hit by a truck.

4. Logo watermark not removed.

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    I agree!
    The 16: 9 resolution is really missing.
    4: 3 is no longer relevant and inconvenient.
    The logo needs to be made either smaller or transparent.
    We need to ask the developers to fix these problems.
    2 Months+
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    Have you set H.264 or H.265 coding ?
    1 Months+
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    After updating the DVR firmware to version 0.0.37ww, the choice between H.264 or H.265 is not possible.
    Previously I tried it on different video modes and resolutions - it's still 4: 3.
    Everyone needs a 16: 9 ratio - this is more convenient when analyzing emergency situations.
    1 Months+
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    +1 for the 16:9 resolution
    1 Months+
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    Me too:
    +1 for the 16:9 resolution 
    10 Days+
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