(A800) We demand Parking surveillance mode with USB connection and Voice command.

Dear 70Mai team and users in general. 

I’ll try to be brief, my name is Michael from Chile, I previously had the 70Mai smart dash cam pro connected via USB (Car lighter) and it worked great, it accepted voice command in English (“TAKE PICTURE”) in addition, parking surveillance mode was available even though I didn’t have the hardware kit, all I had to do was to turn off the car or even disconnect the USB and that was it! Parking mode was immediately activated. 

Then I found this new model, A800 (front and rear) I installed it without the hardware kit (because doing so would void my car warranty) the image quality is awesome, and recording from both sides is even better, BUT here we have the problems that disappointed me a lot and we, USERS, DEMAND A SOLUTION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE WITH A FIRMWARE UPDATE.  

Considering we paid a large amount of money for this camera 

(that it was supposed to be an upgrade from the previous model): 

1.- We want voice command! Even though it’s only available in English. Doesn’t matter the language you have configured in your camera; the phrase TAKE PICTURE should work anyway. 70mai says that the only way to do it for now is using the app, really?? You want us to take out our phones, connect it to the camera and taking a picture while driving?? 

2.- We demand the parking surveillance mode (PSM from now) with USB connection as well, many of us don’t want to install a hardware kit (in my case, because it would void my car warranty). The worst part about this is that when I first installed the camera, activating the PSM was possible, all you had to do was to keep the camera connected and  configure the auto shut down after 5 or more minutes, SO IT IS POSSIBLE, even 70mai online manual mentions this (https://help.70mai.asia/1114.html) BUT after a recent firmware update, it doesn’t allow me to do it anymore (a message saying you need the hardware kit pops up). 

Dear 70mai team, this camera is supposed to be AN UPGRADE from the previous model, but it looks more as a downgrade without these two options. The hardware kit should be an optional accessory for those who want it, but not a mandatory device. I insist, we paid a large amount of money for this camera, you shouldn’t treat your customers that way. Think about this: Why does this camera have a battery if we can't use it with parking mode? Some users have even reported issues after installing the hardware kit! They say PSM still doesn't work.

I hope you consider this for a future (not so far) firmware update. 


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    More users complaining about this issue on this thread:


    70mai must do something about this.

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    De acuerdo. Se debe habilitar el modo parking sin necesidad de comprar el Kit. Adicional a eso agrego que la cámara A800 no es compatible con todas las Micro Sd. Compra una memoria Micro SD Samsung Evo Clase 10 U3 de 128 GB. la reconoce, le da el formato pero despues dice que la micro SD no es compatible. probé la memoria en un teléfono, en una camara fotogramafica canon  Profesional grabando videos en 4K. Y la memoria trabaja perfectamente. 
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    Hi 70mai, its very disappointing that you have upgraded dashcam with backward capability features. 

    I am really sad with your move. Please bring back voice commands and parking mode without hardwire kit.

    We are requesting you to implement voice commands with this version in upcoming update. 

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    70mai are you listening? please update these options ans hardwire kits are hard to install. 
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