Alpha 2500—New Product Testing Opportunity!

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We are looking for global volunteers to join our Alpha 2500 Product Testing Program for our upcoming new dash cam.

Enter and complete this survey below to be part of this program: 

Test the dash cam, Provide feedback, and Keep the product! We look forward to hearing from you!

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    I will gladly take part in the new testing.
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  • 70mai 3 Months+
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    M-DRV_1576227819023 I will gladly take part in the new testing.
    Thank you for your timely respond, please click the survey to send the application to us.
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    I'm willing to take part in the new product
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    I am happy to participate in the new product. I'm from Poland :)
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  • rakhmonov 2 Months+
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    Sent a request. I am from Uzbekistan, I will be happy to help!
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  • Binod 2 Months+
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    I'm willing to try this new product too because I love technological innovations. I am from Nepal and 70mai is new in my country it may help for introduction in my country. The vehicle camera and electronic gadgets market in Nepal is starting now and is an excellent opportunity for us to promote this new product. My native language is "NEPLESE".
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    Maybe fix your existing products and support them better instead of launching new products all the time?
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    Yes I can test Hardware, thank you
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    Gracias por la oportindad de probar el nuevo producto, 
    tambien estoy dispuesto a participar en encuestas sobre posibles mejoras,
    Gracias un Saludo.
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