Please address this important software issue Backup camera

 An option to adjust backup camera angle is mandatory, I adjusted the angle manually but when enabling reverse I can only see the floor and it is useless. As an alternative, a view of the whole sensor with side black bars will also help. @70mai

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    You can kind of work around this problem if you disconnect the red wire of your backup camera. Then you will be able to see not the bottom part of what the camera records but the middle part. Try it. Maybe you will come to like it.
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    M-DRV_1606636340856 You can kind of work around this problem if you disconnect the red wire of your backup camera. Then  ...

    You mean red wire as positive wire which is connected to reverse light? It will disable parking mode, am I right? Do you have some pictures to show us the difference, because I have a huge problem with this also?

    And what do you mean by that I will se not a bottom but middle of the picture? I need to zoom out as I want to see near my bumper. Right now, when switch to parking mode it is useless. It zooms a LOT (but in regular mode, cars looks far more away then in reality), and objects which are 1,5m away from rear bumper, looks as they are very very close, like next to the bumper. I tried to change the angle of camera - if it is in position to record traffic behind car, I can not see anything near my rear bumper. If it is set to point down as much as it can be it is still useless because I see insects on the ground. :)
    Is there any option to upgrade FW of the camera or update SW in rear mirror so I could adjust zoom, angle, or to enable view of full size video when in parking mode as user suggested before me.


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    Dear team, 
    How long do we have to wait for such a small update!?

    Without that this camera is useless! 

    Who came up with idea of digital zoom ? It’s making picture useless ! 

    Fix it ASAP , just add option to disable zoom on reverse and display original image please. 
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    I have the very same need - an option, or a change to, disabling zoom in reverse mode to see the full depth of the captured iamage by the rear camera.
    It's a simple, but much needed feature. Because of the lack of it, so far I didn't recommend anyone in a big automobile forum to buy this product.
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    There is a similar mirror dashcam in the market, with simple switch between lower, middle, and upper view for the backup camera image to be shown on the mirror.
    I regret now of buying this dummy one - very good hardware, with a childish software in it!

    @Chinese software team, I know you can deliver the same quality as (if not better than) your hardware team. Don't be ignorant! Show your dignity and earn our respect!

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    Thanks for all of your replies, thank you so much for your advice. We've received your suggestion.
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