Parking Mode not working

jtescobar 18 Days+ 214

Parking Mode not working I have connected a 12v DC fuse ever on

I have setting parking seting mode switch off after 20 min.

If i Push car after 20 min not record anything.

I only have record when I have recording dash cam ever

I have installed 1.0.6.

 I am reading too much people have same problem I hope a solution yet

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    It was no solution to fix this issue at this time and cannot roll back to previous version also :(
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    If you have parking mode to turn off after 20mins but you push the car after 20mins? Why would it work if you have told it to not work?
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    v1.0.6 Forced to use 70mai hardwire kit.
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  • antstyl 4 Days+
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    Unacceptable behavior from 70mai!
    They suddenly stopped the ability for parking mode without the hardware kit with new firmware! That was nowhere stated when we bought it, this is why it has the internal battery, to be able to use it for a certain period WITHOUT the hardware kit which was only recommended for longer periods & not compulsory. But now… parking mode doesn’t work without it.

    No official answer from 70mai to emails and also we dont have the ability to buy but only in aliexpress
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