A800 - Wifi connection very unstable and Time issues


I recently got my A800 4K with rear camera with latest Firmware 1.0.6 installed. Dashcam itsself works very good and overall I am very satisfied with the camera except two annoying things:

- The wifi connection is very unstable. I tested it with iPhone XS Max (ios 14.0.1), iPhone 8 Plus (ios 13.7), iPhone SE (ios 12) and Huawei P40Pro (Android 10). I can connect with the Wifi of the camera, but after a few seconds the connection is lost and I have to manually connect again. The functionality of automatically to reconnect of each phone does not work either. All phones are telling me that the connection is unsecure by using old encryption standards and not WPA2.

- The system time of the dashcam loses the right time. I am located in Europe, Germany where we have the daylight saving time aka summer time and winter time. After the dashcam rests for the night I have to synchronize everytime the time to summer time within the few seconds where the 70mai App is connected via Wifi or do it manually in the menu of the dashcam. After shutting down the dashcam and restarting it after a 3-4 hours the dashcam loses the summer time again.

I have had the 70mai Pro Dashcam and other dashcams from Blackvue and Garmin and none of these three had these two problems.

Someone else got the same problem and got it solved? Thanks in advance!

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    I have exact the same problem with the time stamp, located in the Netherlands!
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    Mine loses 2hrs overnight also, If i sync the time with my phone the next morning it will be 2hrs behind.
    I have hardwire kit installed.
    I don't have the wifi disconnect though, i have iPhone 11 wifi works for me.
    14 Days+
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