Isuues with A800

I have received my devicefor more than a monthand have two issues:

1- Can not activate the app on android because it is not accepting US cell phone number (asking for a CHINA cell phone number).

2- The battery on the device is not charging. It is working whenever it is connected but shows LOW BATTERY, CAN NOT ENTER THE PARKING SURVAILANCE MODE as soon as I am disconnecting the charger. 

I've send several emails to tech support and indiegogo page, but no answers.

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    install the 70mai app in Google playstore, that will work.
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    I've seen the same issue #2, and now my A800 couldn't be turned on!
    19 Days+
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    Send message via Indiegogo serveral times, but never got reply.

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    Parking surveillance mode only works if you have the hardwire kit installed. It is in the FAQ that this feature needs the hardwire kit. 
    14 Days+
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