Emergency recording

I was on the highway today and I heard an announcement from the camera saying "emergency recording started" then a red bar at the bottom of the screen scrolling while it recorded. How did this emergency recording start by itself? and why? I thought it only did that when the car is parked and is hit by another car.

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  • tk 1 Months+
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    Emergency recording kicks in when detecting impact.  Probably due to your stiff suspension?  My car has stiff suspension and when I run through big bumps, I get that same issue.  You need to turn down sensitivity from High to Low.
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  • Amicus 1 Months+
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    My camera starts emergency recording every time i press throtle to the floor. It's normal. Camera detects hi g-force as a impact. It's a false detection but it's better to be too sensitive than not detecting actual imact.

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