There should be a setting to remove the watermark.

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  • Marco 8 Months+
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    I copy you man. It's boring to have the logo. In fact we should be able to manage everything displayed on the pic/videos ( logo, time,  date , speed,  gps coordinates ). It's only a software problem, period. Nothing that a good programer can't fix. 
    8 Months+
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    Yes, I think you should be able to hide the logo and as a way to set it transparent.  At least that's the case with other manufacturers.
    8 Months+
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    I agree the logo is too big, they need to focus on putting the Speed and Gps location into the finished video file.
    8 Months+
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    Yes, I think you should be able to hide the logo 
    8 Months+
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    Now it is more important to have GPS data and driving patterns in the video file.
    8 Months+
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    The size of the logo, location or the ability to hide some data is already aesthetics.
    8 Months+
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    Yes, as with other manufacturers, it would be good.

    8 Months+
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    add gps, speed.
    5 Months+
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    +1 for ability to remove the logo or make it smaller.
    5 Months+
  • 70mai 5 Months+
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    Thanks for your feedback. This is in plan, you will have the choice to hide 70mai watermark.
    5 Months+
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    Need remove logo. It's good thought
    5 Months+
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    70mai Thanks for your feedback. This is in plan, you will have the choice to hide 70mai watermark.
    hi., can wait for it.
    2 Months+
  • Wan Fazil 7 Days+
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    How can i add my date watermark.... it didnt display on my screen

    7 Days+
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