A800 problems

I’ve got the A800 + rear camera from the Indiegogo campaign.

I have the following problems:

1. Parking videos are not working.

I don’t have the hardwire kit, but the car lighter always has 12V (when the ignition if off, when the car is locked and so on).
How I test it – I manually hold the power button, the camera states – “Will enter parking surveillance mode in 5 minutes”, after I come back to the car, let say after a hour I give the car a good shake (It’s enough to trigger an emergency event), wait two minutes, unlock the car, enter it, wake the camera up and check the gallery – NO parking videos recorded.
Tried with automatic power off when parked – NOTHING.
Left the camera on without pressing the power button – the camera is still recording the next day – not a power issue. Any suggestions how can I get parking surveillance working? Using the last firmware….

2. Display ghosting

Even after a day of use, when watching recorded videos, I can see a ghosting effect – I see leftovers from the buttons on the videos – is it normal, did I get a defective display? Will my display get even worst if I keep it always on? (Now it’s set to turn off after 30 sec)

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    I think the hardwire kit might tell the camera that it is installed. mine will tell me when i open the car door if new parking surveillance recorded anything. I have the hardwire kit installed. 
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