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Apis Skemmatixx 5 Months+ 1662

Hi, after i upgrade the firmware.. i have some reviews and hope 70Mai team can improve this..

The vehicle speed and coordinate is only show when playing in 70mai pro screen or in 70mai apps.. but after downloaded the video.. i found out the speed and Coordinate is not show on the video.. from my opinions, i think the speed and Coordinate should be show on the video (downloaded) because if accident, the speed also can be the evidence for police reference.. and myb in 70mai apps can show the map also.. and more advance if we can track the car location using GPS and 70mai app.. thanks

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  • mrs.fieo 5 Months+
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    Hai.. kenapa saya punye xbleh upgrade.. 1.0.4..
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    I'm very disappointed, because the downloaded video don't contains speed and GPS datas! :(
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    mrs.fieo Hai.. kenapa saya punye xbleh upgrade.. 1.0.4..
    Xboleh mcm mana tu? Kna download file update dri apps dulu...
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    They've clearly stated exactly what you posted.

    The update notes stated the same thing.

    So... Yeah, they know.
  • rsk 4 Months+
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    I updated firmware to 1.05 but no gps datas or speed on the screen. No option to activation it. And i have the gps module to use adas. Why it doesn t work ? 
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    Ansolutely agree :(. It is ridiculous ;) I had a Mio Dvr from 2014 and it has speed alert, on screen real time, on the downloaded video. Today is 2019 and I paid for the new technology not for oldschool device. :(((
  • Nguyễn Hải 4 Months+
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  • Çağlayan Çakır 4 Months+
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    Its really important. We need the speed and location info on downloaded videos for accident info. 
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    M-DRV_1553031310978 Ansolutely agree :(. It is ridiculous ;) I had a Mio Dvr from 2014 and it has speed alert, on screen ...
    because you have probably researched badly.  they are new to the business and they are not ready.  The price is low but there are similar alternatives like AZDOME 4K WiFi GPS Dashcam
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    Information about speed and location should be at the bottom of the screen (in one line). Same in downloaded movies to get information about the accident.
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    How do I get speed and location information from video files? 
    I know that this data is "pasted" into a file.
  • Mazda CX-9 3 Months+
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    M-DRV_1560494037731 How do I get speed and location information from video files? I know that this data is "paste ...
    the SRT file is embedded within the video file, plus the KML location file, use this method to extract it on windows pc:
    instructions are in the "Readme.txt" in the zip file
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    Chodzi mi o konkretne miejsce w pliku wideo. 

    Używam tej metody jednak w pliku .srt powinno być zamiast „0” (zero) „1” (jeden) i zamiast „.” (Dot) „,” (przecinek):

    00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:01.000
    00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:01,000
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    I mean a specific place in the video file. 

    I use this method but in the .srt file it should be instead of "0" (zero) "1" (one) and instead of "." (Dot) "," (comma): 

    00: 00: 00.000 -> 00: 00: 01.000 

    00: 00: 00,000 -> 00: 00: 01,000
  • Nguyễn Hải 2 Months+
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