70mai Dash Cam A800: Frequently Asked Questions

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To all backers,

Thank you for your support.

As we received plenty of repeated questions from you, we decide to create this thread to post answers here. This thread will keep updating to help you solve your problems.

Here are the questions and answers:

Logistics Questions:

We are glad to tell you that all of the confirmed orders have been shipped out. Please check your mailbox or contact us via help@70mai.com if you don't receive the tracking number yet, cause your address or email info needs to be confirmed. We are waiting for your reply.

As the tracking info takes time to be updated, please don't worry about your package. Your package is already on the way to you. And the tracking info will be updated once it arrives in your country.

Common Questions:

Question 1: 70mai Hardware Kit: Where can I find English User manual and how to install the hardware kit?

We have a 70mai hardware kit installation video to help all 70mai users to install the 70mai hardware kit, here is the link: https://youtu.be/bj1pymYvLuw

You can check the English Hardware Kit User Manual with this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OUhTNvdcAGvTInwL6d6hU3SkjVyZjhs5/view?usp=sharing

Question 2: How to purchase the 70mai Dash Cam A800 and other kits?

The 70mai Dash Cam A800 and other kits will be on sale after the crowdfunding orders are shipped out. You can search 70mai Dash Cam A800 or 70mai Hardware Kit in Aliexpress to purchase the Dash Cam at the end of the September.

Question 3: What is the parking surveillance mode?

After the parking monitoring function is enabled, when the device is power off, it will enter the parking monitoring mode. When the car encounters a collision while parking, the device will automatically record a parking monitoring video.

Tapping the windshield or slam the door will not activate the parking surveillance recording.

Question 4: Will 70mai cover the customs fee?

The tax is not included in the shipping cost. We used the selected carrier to avoid the risk of paying customs tax, but there is still a small risk of paying local tax.

However, we can provide the invoice for you to finish the clearance. Please contact help@70mai.com if you need help.

Question 5: Is the 3040*2160+1080P the max resolution for the A800?


Question 6: Can the GPS show on google maps? If so how?

Yes, you can use special tool to show GPS info in google maps. Here is the guide:


Question 7: How does hardware kit work?

The hardware kit draws power from the car battery. But not all the time, the dash cam will consume power only when it recording parking surveillance video. 

Question 8: How to solve the "calibration failed" problem?

The majority of the "calibration failed" is caused by the inaccurate installation, please check the guide below to solve this problem:


Question 9: Why does Dash Cam A800 not support Parking surveillance mode without 70mai hardware kit?

The 70mai Dash Cam A800 and 70mai rear camera consume a lot of power while being activated,using the battery to supply parking surveillance power might lead to a low battery or other special problems.

Question 10: How can I turn off my dash cam automatically if my car supplies power all the time?

Please follow the path below to turn off the dash cam automatically after parking the car: System setting——Turned off automatically in parking——Choose the opinion you prefer.

APP Questions:

Question 1: How to receive the verification code?

1. Some emails can not receive the verification code immediately because of the server delay. The verification code should be received in 30 minutes.

2. You can use another email or use Facebook to log in directly if the sign-up verification code takes too long to receive.

Question 2: How can I see the live rear image in the 70mai app?

The 70mai APP doesn't support the live image switch function yet. You can press the first button on the left side to switch the live image in your Dash Cam A800.

Question 3: How to connect the device while the cell phone has already connect the device's WiFi?

Please turn on the location authorize of your 70mai APP in the system setting list to solve this problem

Question 4: Can I see the live image of the rear camera via 70mai APP?

No, you can see front and back recorded video by using your 70mai APP or device own, but live video can not be switched between front and rear so far.

Hardware Questions:

Question 1: How to solve the automatically restart problem

The majority of the automatically restart problem is caused by the power supply or Micro SD card, please try the solution step by step:

1. Move your A800 to your house and use another charging cable to connect the power resource.

2. Please use another Micro SD card if step 1 doesn't work

3. Please take a short video and share the link to us via help@70mai.com if the step1&2 don't work. So as we can help you solve this problem.

Question 2: What is the largest memory card size that is supported?

You can use a 256GB  Micro SD card in your 70mai Dash Cam A800.

Question 3: How to choose a good Micro SD card for the 70mai Dash Cam A800?

The 4K resolution needs a high standard Micro SD card, which needs a U3&Class 10 standard memory card. Please make sure that your Micro SD card has U3 and Class 10 logo.

Question 4: Can I activate parking surveillance mode without 70mai Hardware Kit?

No, the Parking Surveillance Mode can only be activated by installing the 70mai Hardware Kit.

Question 5: What is the "recording enable / disable" function in the "System Setting" menu?

The sound recording will be turned off after you select "disable" .

Firmware Questions:

Question 1: When will the 4K+1080P become available? 

We have added a 4K+1080P option in the 1.0.6ww firmware version on Sep 10th, all of the 70mai Dash Cam A800 users can upgrade their firmware to activate the 4K+1080P function.

Question 2:How to upgrade the firmware?

Here is the upgrading path in 70mai APP:  Download 70mai APP---Enable A800 hotpot and connect your cellphone the device------ Tap the app top-left icon---- Choose My device------Download the latest firmware----Reconnect your cellphone and push the firmware to the A800----Connect the power resource and wait until the update succeeded

Question 3: Does the A800 support voice control?

No, the Dash Cam A800 doesn't support voice control.

Question 4: How do I switch it from km/h to MPH?

The Dash Cam A800 doesn't have this option yet, but we will add this option to the setting list in the next firmware version, you can upgrade your firmware to the latest version to use MPH at that time.

Question 5: How to activate parking surveillance mode?

The parking surveillance mode can only be activated by installing the 70mai hardware kit. You will be able to enable the parking surveillance mode in video settings list after installing the hardware kit.

Question 6: What can I do if I can not connect the wifi of the device?

Please open the location authorize of the 70mai APP in the system setting list for solving this problem.

Question 7: How to turn on/turn off the voice recording?

1. You can click the first button on the left side while disconnecting the rear camera to turn on/off voice recording.

2. Please use MPC. VLC or Pot player to play the video if use PC to play the videos.

We will keep updating this thread, please contact us if you can not find your question on the list.


70mai Team

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    My A800 couldn't be turned on after 4weeks, I've sent email to help@70mai.com a few times but never got response. Still hope someone can reply my email or contact me to help fix the problem. 

    I backed the campaign on indiegogo and now nowhere to get it returned or get refund.
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    dołączam się też mam problem przysłali mi ją wczoraj 70mai dash cam a800 pobrałem aktualizację po czym kamera przestała działać pisałem do różnych portali 70mai i zero odpowiedzi 
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    With A800 I have the same problem - app 70mai 1.7.0 (Iphone SE, IOS 14.0.1) does not connect to the DVR. I'm waiting for help and technical support solutions 
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    ho fatto l'aggiornamento del firmware come da procedura e al riavvio la dashcam non funziona, si vede l'immagine, ma non compare il menù e il led rosso rimane acceso. Ho scritto un messaggio in privato all'utente 70mai e anche due mail a Help@70mai.com, una con un video che mostra il problema.
    Sto aspettando una risosta e supporto.

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    Just placed order on Oct 2020 and installed 70mai A800 dash cam including rear cam with the latest version (1.0.6ww firmware). Checked hardware kit installed properly and it is able to set Parking surveillance mode with HIGH sensitivity.

    Ignition On 
    Video recording is working, and all good. 

    Ignition OFF
    It goes to Parking surveillance mode in 5 minutes as expected. Try to simulate the impact for several times and there is NO parking record at all.

    Please fix the issue as soon as possible. Parking surveillance is one of the main features !! 
    3 Months+
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    had the same exact issue, and my issue is resolved with a different MicroSD Card
    seems like there is compatibility issue with certain SD Card.
    3 Months+
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    I recently bought this dashcam (Front and rear) and it's good. I previously had the 70Mai Smart Dashcam pro, so this was an upgrade, BUT there are two things that disappoint me a lot :( and I hope you consider this advice for a future firmware update:

    1- Where is the voice command? With the previous model I was able to say "TAKE PICTURE" and, of course, a photo was taken... I think this option should be available in all supported languages. The camera already has a microphone so it only needs a firmware update! How am I supposed to take a picture while driving? 

    2- Parking Surveillance, maybe one of the main reasons I bought this dashcam, it would be great to park my car and keep both sides under surveillance... But much to my surprise, this is not possible without the hardware kit... Seriously? With the previous model all I had to do was to disconnect the USB and the camera immediately entered into the parking mode... Now if I do so, the camera shuts down... Reading the online manual I found this: "Some vehicles still power the cigarette lighter while in parking. In these cases, the car camera will only enter parking surveillance mode when the auto power off time has been set in the car camera settings". This is great, but after the firmware update I can't even activate the parking mode! 

    Please, 70Mai, this camera is supposed to be an upgrade from the previous model, give us a Firmware update with these two options! Your customers deserve it!

    3 Months+
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    Recently bought 70mai A800
    Please help how to set the time will be appear on the screen once the display off (i set 30 seconds for display off) 
    Thank you in advance

    2 Months+
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    Dear 70 Mai,

    Sent you email since 2-3 months ago about issue with GPS/ADAS not working, until now there is no reply that has solution and no support to return the unit for a replacement

    ------------------ Original ------------------
    From:  "Daryl Tang"<daryl_tang@yahoo.com.sg>;
    Date:  Thu, Oct 1, 2020 04:04 PM
    To:  "help"<help@70mai.com>;
    Subject:  A800 Speed/GPS and ADAS questions

    Had the A800 dash cam for a few days using 256GB sdcard and updated firmware. Having trouble with GPS/Speed and ADAS.. initially it said calibration completed but it’s not working. Just reset the camera and try to setup again but doesn’t seemed to work even after calibration complete

    Updated firmware and reset the dashcam 3 times already, disabled/enabled GPS and recalibrate ADAS more than 3 times successfully

    But still no ADAS warnings and no GPS speed and location on dashcam

    Want to know if I am doing anything wrong or my unit has defective GPS and ADAS unit?
    How can i get a replacement unit?
    2 Months+
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    1. How to update firmware? Instructions here say to connect the app to the dashcam. I connect and can configure the dash cam. But there is absolutely no option to upgrade firmware. My firmware is now V1.0.6ww.20200910. Is this the latest?

    2. The rear camera video can play on the 70mai app but when exported to iPhone or Macbook, it cannot play at all in any other player. No such problem with the front camera video.

    3. Can you change the ADAS voice warnings to beep beep beep? It can be very irritating.
    2 Months+
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    The manual that comes with the camera says MicroSD card to be minimum capacity of 32 GB
    and rating of U1(UHS-1) or above. But this website says "Please make sure that your Micro SD card has U3 and Class 10 logo".

    So it it U1 or U3?
    2 Months+
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    can video footage be shared directly from the SD Card of the Dash Cam? or does the videos need to be transferred first to the photo album of the mobile phone? 

    1 Months+
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