I bought the night vision reverse camera and rear view mirror set in AliExpress store "70mai OFFICIAL Store".

The devices arrived as described.

The Night Vision camera cable is faulty.

I requested a new cable or, at least, a reference to buy a new cable and, simply, the OFFICIAL store does not have a cable for replacement.

I request help to purchase a new cable for the night vision camera.

It is not possible that the cable only exists if you buy a new camera.

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    Somebody pls help me. 
    I have bought new Rear View mirror wide and it shows "backup camera connected abnormally. Re plug it. I tried everything but it didn't work. I even plugged in my frind's rear cam from same model and it too can't work.

    My rear camera worked well in friend's rear view mirror device. 

    Pls help. Image is attached. Video is not allowed inspite size is just 6MB.

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