[Suggestion] Smart Dash Cam 1S: Voice commands and power key functionalities Suggestions

Hi, I have a suggestion for a change in power key funcionality. Nowadays the power key doesn't support emergency video recording. Because of problems with voice recognition (not only for me, but heard about the same problems from my friends, also there have been at least one topic here about this) I suggest to add a possibility to save emergency video with just a click of a power button. I know that today pressing the power key once turns the WiFi hotspot on and off, but if it's possible I would recommend to change it to a double-click. This would allow to save an important video without using voice commands (which work really randomly - sometimes saving emergency video, during complete silence, not only not saying command, sometimes saying the "record video" command for a few times and no reaction), or with voice commands setting set to off.

Please consider changing the power key functionality in the next firmware update.

The power key functionality of my recommendation:

Short press when turned offTurn the dash cam on
Single short press when turned onRecord emergency video
Double short press when turned onTurn WiFi on/off
Triple short press when turned onFormat memory card
Five short pressesReset to the Factory settings
Press and hold when turned onTurn the dash cam off
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