Midrive RC05 abnormally connected Official Backup camera

1 week after installation backup camera freez out and its not working anymore.

error message: Backup Camera is connected abnormally, please re-plug

What i tried so far:


reset full Dash Cam Wide

format memory card

at the backend re plug the camera to the cabel

Any sollution for this or i have to send it back?

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    I have the same problem and I replied with image but my post is being deleted by Moderator. 
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    Somebody pls help me. 
    I have bought new Rear View mirror wide and it shows "backup camera connected abnormally. Re plug it. I tried everything but it didn't work. I even plugged in my frind's rear cam from same model and it too can't work.

    My rear camera worked well in friend's rear view mirror device. 

    Pls help. Image is attached. Video is not allowed inspite size is just 6MB.

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  • Paweł Bukowski 14 Days+
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    Same problem here... Tried on other rear camera and it still doesn't work :(

    It's my second 70mai Rearview Dash Cam Wide. The first one died totally after one day of usage and was replaced... the second one worked fine for about 2 months and this issue has occurred. The front camera still works.

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    I have the same problem with 70mai MiDrive RC05
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    Nothing help to solve this?
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