Why doesn't the 70Mai team listen to the customers? We want an option to mute the voice.

All I've read so far is that there are no plans for further updates and it's been months since then. How can you be so ignorant? People want to cut the speaker wire and you guys don't care? We don't want to hear that f****** voice and not hearing it would actually make 0 difference in functionality.

At least give us the option to change the startup voice. It's fine and useful when a collision is detected and the voice informs the driver, but not everytime it starts up. 

Please take quick action because this issue has already been postponed way too long. It's incredibly rude from a company that tries to look so professionally. Right now, you look like amateurs. 

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    any solution to this?
    I really thinking of disconnecting the speakers.
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    While I would like to mute this it doesn't annoy me that much and i'm in and out of my car multiple times a day. Seriously if you hate it so much you have bigger issues you need to go get checked by a Doctor.
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    P-L-E-A-S-E we need the function to mute that song.
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