After 1.0.5 still not showing up the real-time speed and GPS location... Speed and location

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After updating the dash cam pro to version 1.0.5, still not showing up the real-time speed and GPS location on device. Do you have any explanation?

最后于 3 Months+ 被70mai编辑 ,原因:
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    70mai APP Version 1.2.0?
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    The the GPS module fitted in the bracket ok? Try disconnecting and reconnecting again. 
  • Apis Skemmatixx 5 Months+
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    Only show when u play the video in 70mai pro or in 70mai apps.. but if u download.. no speed and coordinate..
  • rsk 4 Months+
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    It s not on the display in live ? 
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    rsk It s not on the display in live ?
    No, in playback only
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    It is not worthwhile to have GPS and speed data appear on the camera screen, if when you download the video... they do not appear. 
    The curious thing about this is that the date and time, and the logo... if they appear. 

    It's time to look at other cameras... 
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    M-DRV_1562133693307 It is not worthwhile to have GPS and speed data appear on the camera screen, if when you download th ...
    "AZDOME 4K WiFi Dashcam" would be priced at € 57 almost the same
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    Same issue, my camera screen doesn’t show speed and location after update to 1.0.5 with app version 1.3.0 . Reconnected gps module couple of times, no changes at all. How to make speed/coordinates visible on cam screen?
  • 70mai 2 Months+
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    M-DRV_1559740802955 Same issue, my camera screen doesn’t show speed and location after update to 1.0.5 with app version ...
    Has your GPS been detected on dash cam?
    When it's in some places which signal is very weak, GPS can't detect the singal.
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    70mai Has your GPS been detected on dash cam? When it's in some places which signal is very weak, GPS can ...
    As DAS is functioning, suppose GPS should be working too. Any other option to check if GPS is working? 
  • 70mai 2 Months+
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    Could you send us a video? We need it to get some detail messages.
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    Yes, can send, pls provide email address. Video to take with phone on cam or video from cam itself?
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    M-DRV_1559740802955 Yes, can send, pls provide email address. Video to take with phone on cam or video from cam itself?
    Please take the video with phone.
    Make sure the dash cam is in charger and out of doors.
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