The Firmware for 70mai Dash Cam Pro was Officially Updated to Version 1.0.5

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The most requested features for 70mai finally come out! You can now see the real-time speed and GPS location on 70mai Dash Cam Pro videos, after updating the dash cam firmware to Version 1.0.5.

Here is the instruction:

Step 1: Update your 70mai APP to Version 1.2.0 (If you had the latest app version already, please ignore this)
Step 2: Check your firmware version in 70mai APP

Step 3: Download firmware data package

Step 4: Connect with your dash cam and Push the package to it

Step 5: Check your Dash Cam Pro

(If your device has the latest firmware version already, please ignore this)


The speed and GPS coordinates are only available in 70mai APP album or when you replayed the video directly on the device. (Downloaded video does not display such information for now)

70mai team are still working on improvements to make everything smoother.

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    Eine gute Nachricht.
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    Great news I've just received my device. Can't wait to have this feature in Downloaded video. 
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    Thanks, good job!
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    Thankyou kindly for the update. An interesting addition would be to display the speed on the screen as a second digital speedometer. Super useful to check how accurate you cars speedometer is. Thanks again
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    I'm very disappointed, because the downloaded video don't contains speed and GPS datas! :(
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    I failed to update my device via sdcard and no latest update on my apps
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    Looking forward the update that will allow displaying speed and location on the downloaded video.

    As it stands now, having the speed and location display only on the device screen or Album app is useless for legal purposes (the main reason one would acquire a dash cam), but it's good to know development is being made. If the location and speed is available, it can be written over the video in order to be useful.

    Having the speed and location in the video is the *only* reason I paid more for the GPS module, and seeing it becoming available is refreshing, not to mention comforting, as my investment is finally justified.

    Thanks for the update, and hope further improvements and definitive speed and location overlay is applied over the downloaded video in the future.
  • Pedro's Pizza 4 Months+
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    I checked for updates but it says my app is up to date.
  • Ruzaini 4 Months+
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    I have already upgrade to new firmware but there are no speed and GPS location appear. Do I need to have GPS module in order to use this features?
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    Ruzaini I have already upgrade to new firmware but there are no speed and GPS location appear. Do I need to ...
    Yes of course, you need a GPS module for this
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    Has anyone really updated to 1.0.5? because I can't do it. I get the message: "your device is up to date" while it is still on the old firmware 1.0.4ru
  • rsk 4 Months+
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    I updated firmware to 1.05 but no gps datas or speed on the screen. No option to activation it. And i have the gps module to use adas. Why it doesn t work ? 
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    can you post a link to firmware, i wan to install it via SD card
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    rsk I updated firmware to 1.05 but no gps datas or speed on the screen. No option to activation it. And ...
    same problem
  • rsk 4 Months+
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    M-DRV_1559682494418 can you post a link to firmware, i wan to install it via SD card
    Update is by phone app only ? 
  • rsk 4 Months+
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    I hope a quickly update.
  • Fiesta ST 4 Months+
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    M-DRV_1559727276938 Eine gute Nachricht.

    Bug ... It does not work. I've updated my Dashcam 70mai pro, and it does not respond to any commands. it was all the information on the screen ... Need to fix the bug ...

    最后于 4 Months+ 被Fiesta ST编辑 ,原因:
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    era ora che inserivano la velocità , kitemurt
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    My device not functioning after the update..its just showing the camera others function..and cannot even connect my dashcam with to fix this issue??
  • Ateeque 4 Months+
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    Coordinates should be available on downloaded videos too. in case if the DVR damages in any accident than stored video on SD card must show the speed of the vehicle on video to dig-out the fault of individuals on the road.
  • Fiesta ST 4 Months+
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    M-DRV_1560059781522 My device not functioning after the update..its just showing the camera others ...
    Visit dashcamtalk download original firmware, follow the steps there.
    Good luck. (Shame to Xiaomi). Update with bugs. Xiaomi need fix the original file.
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    Fiesta ST Visit dashcamtalk download original firmware, follow the steps there. Good luck. (Shame to Xiaomi). ...
    yes i got the fix already. thanks bro :D now my dashcam functioning as usual. thank god!
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    Our camera has firmware 1.0.4na but can not update, when check for update it said " Your divice is up to date ""
    Pls help me
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    M-DRV_1561457586959 Our camera has firmware 1.0.4na but can not update, when check for update it said " Your divice ...

    I have same bug. No solution yet...

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    may I know which mobile app is using for update the firmware?  i am currently using 70 but doesn't has the update feature.

    appreciate any advice.

    Thank you.
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    M-DRV_1561625577875 may I know which mobile app is using for update the firmware? i am currently using 70 but doesn't h ...
    Above you can see in pictures how to do it
  • VyBrittos 4 Months+
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    Good afternoon. I believe that the IT area has to correct the GPS location issue. because it would not be separated by commas (,) only. Well, when you play the location in google maps it has an error. Example: S12.9693, W38.5034 (error) The right one is: S12.9693, W38.5034 (correct) must have period (.), Can not be separated by commas only.
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    Ruzaini I have already upgrade to new firmware but there are no speed and GPS location appear. Do I need to ...
    Yes you need the GPS Module to see this info obviously 
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    rsk Update is by phone app only ?
    I’ve updated my App and Firmware but no GPS and Speed info displays on the video in the App or the DashCam Screen! This DashCam is just absolute junk! It was supposed to have these features on its release on Indiegogo a year ago  and only just had the update now? What a joke! What a piece of crap DashCam for the money!
    Mine has warped in the plastic casing and the GPS doesn’t even work or display and info or speed. It’s useless except for recording some video which a DashCam for half the price could do the same thing!
    Not impressed at all with 70Mai lack of customer service with this junk!
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    M-DRV_1550663149830 Has anyone really updated to 1.0.5? because I can't do it. I get the message: "your device is u ...
    Just successful updated from 1.0.4ru to 1.0.5ru. Probably different firmware language localization have different release days...
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    Eu atualizei a minha câmera conforme orientações acima e ela ficou 100%. Agora aparecem as coordenadas e a velocidade, conforme anunciado pelo fabricante.
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    Thanks for the update. I pushed it onto a brand new dashcam. Calibrated the ADAS but can't see anything GPS related on the screen or app.  Any ideas?
  • Alastair Walker 4 Months+
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    Pedro's Pizza I checked for updates but it says my app is up to date.
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    After uploading new software (1.0.5na) I have a momentary message about not recognizing the card and the need for formatting. Formatting gives nothing, after a while again the same message. To make it more interesting, it does not display the speed or position on the screen.
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    After upgrading, I see a new icon, the letter P on the top right hand corner of my screen, between the wifi and the ADAC icons. 
    What does the P stand for?
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    M-DRV_1562216493882 After upgrading, I see a new icon, the letter P on the top right hand corner of my screen, between t ...
    Parking mode?
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    No, definitely not parking mode. It is present all the time the car is moving and not moving. 
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    The P is an indication that parking mode is enabled in settings. 
  • Kris Murphy 4 Months+
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    this firmware is broken, after update getting constant 'SD card not recognized' errors which makes dashcam useless.
    70mai, fix it please asap!
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    Kris Murphy this firmware is broken, after update getting constant 'SD card not recognized' errors which makes d ...
    How much GB?
  • Kris Murphy 4 Months+
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    M-DRV_1559727276938 How much GB?
    its 32GB Samsung SD card purchased  with dashcam from 70mai
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    Que bueno que próxima version de firmware ofrezca mas idiomas y mas funciones. La cámara es de muy buena tecnología y puede mejorarse.
    Saludos desde Colombia
  • Kris Murphy 4 Months+
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    @70mai : any fix for SD card errors by any chance?
  • Fatih Güven 3 Months+
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    unfortunately i have the SD CARD issue after firmware update. Formatted it again and again but no way, after a few minutes the camera throws the same error again. How can i roll back to previous version? Or do i have to wait for the newer one? now the camera is useless.
  • Kris Murphy 3 Months+
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    Fatih Güven unfortunately i have the SD CARD issue after firmware update. Formatted it again and again but no wa ...
    hiya mate, all info is here:
  • DieselM 3 Months+
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    70mai admin, bro' , can you fix this(sd card) or buy another one ?
    It is extremely annoying to stop while you drive on the highway.
  • DieselM 3 Months+
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    Enjoy the silence...nothing, not even a word, that says a lot about customer attention.
    Say something, like, our team of Mohicans work uninterruptedly for your good or something. :)))
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    1.0.5 is not stable at all after month using this what I found.

    1- Dashcam resetting the setting. Its very frequent. 
    2- Video quality has been drop. I change different video resolution. I was using 1080p in previous version and quality was great but after updating now it worst.
    3- Now ADAS disable every time, its need to calibrate.
    4- GPS coordinate is useless feature because its only work direct connect with dashcam. So the data is irrelevant.
    5- If you login in your iOS device app and login android device app, its only can work in one device at a time.   
  • Kris Murphy 3 Months+
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    DieselM Enjoy the silence...nothing, not even a word, that says a lot about customer attention. Say somethi ...
    yeah, thats not good....
    when back from my hols, I'll be moving on to another make, BlackVue most likely due to lack of support in here
  • Fatih Güven 3 Months+
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    hi all,

    i have wrote that i had some issues with my sd card after firmware update. and also when i downgrade the firmware, camera works fine. but some recorded videos have lags, gaps and sometimes jumps about 10-15 seconds. 

    my friend has the same dashcam (we have bought together) and he doesnt have any problem.

    when we change sd cards to each other's cam, my camera works pretty fine, and he has sd card issues and needs to format it again and again.

    i was using class 10 sdcard 64 gb (as suggested in the manual) but had issues. as i see my friend has no issue (he uses U1 sdcard), i bought another sd card U3 we both have no problem.

    i think that the main problem here is not the firmware but sd card in fact. try changing your card with a faster one and test the new firmware again.

    the manual should be updated i think. class10 is not fast enough for this dashcam ;)

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    I dont belive will be other update or some fix. They start a new product and this will be forgoten
  • DieselM 3 Months+
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    @Fatih Güven, I use a Samsung EVO Plus microSDXC 64GB, the card comes out of the discussion. I think I'm pointing to the Viofo, i see that they have a good support and they have many accessories(CPL,power supply for fuses,secondary Cam.,remote control).
    By the way, I managed to modify a Blueskysea B1W filter, I must be forced to enter the lens.
  • Schrauff 3 Months+
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    rsk I updated firmware to 1.05 but no gps datas or speed on the screen. No option to activation it. And ...
    Has anyone found solution for speed and position not displaying after FW upgrade to 1.0.5na? I have gps module connected, ADAS is calibrated, but no options in menu to display speed/position? 
  • DieselM 3 Months+
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    You're kidding, this was a farce of the company, displays only in the phone application.
  • Schrauff 3 Months+
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    In this video the reviewer has gps position and speed shown on camera display:

    Although mine doesn't display it neither in app (v1.2.0) or camera display, but the data is embedded in the downloaded video. 

  • Jason Shen 3 Months+
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    Does the 1.05 Chinese firmware also records GPS data?
  • DieselM 3 Months+
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    Yes, of course, in space and on the Moon surface.
    Records GPS data, but only display in app.
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    still problem to update OTA or by using microsd card. 
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    After updating, the system is now displaying all content in Russian.
    When I check the version on the app, it says 1.0.5ru. 
    Please, can someone help me with an English version of the update?
  • DieselM 2 Months+
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    I found this link on DashcamTalk!JN9yRSxQ!UUYOUfp6OTdXXJL_SXz92wlEIdpZ8mDbA4o9qmxbf0o
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    I have update the firmware to 1.0.5, why it cannot detect my GPS module? Before update the GPS module was detected. Have try to disconnect and reconnect the GPS module but still same problem. Any one can help on this issue. 
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    I upgrade laters versiyon
    I installed a Toshiba 64GB microsdxc uhs-1 U3 class10 card on my 70mai pro
    device turns on error.
    class10 card warns you should use.
    what should I do
  • 70mai 1 Months+
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    M-DRV_1568387094080 I upgrade laters versiyon I installed a Toshiba 64GB microsdxc uhs-1 U3 class10 card on my 70mai pr ...
    The new firmware adds detection of the SD card. If the SD card frequently happens missing recording content, the camera will remind you to replace the SD card. But some users feedback this detection is too demanding ,and we will optimize it in the next version.
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    When will be the next update for 70mai pro? 
  • 70mai 1 Months+
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    M-DRV_1560268363870 When will be the next update for 70mai pro?
    At the end of November
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    Eu resolvi todos os problemas da minha câmera após a atualização 1.0.5 com a substituição do cartão de memória Micro SD. Eu utilizava um cartão Micro SD SanDisk Ultra 64GB e agora passei a utilizar um cartão Micro SD Sandisk Extreme PRO de 64 GB. Eu utilizo a minha câmera com o módulo de GPS e todas as funções estão funcionando 100%.
  • 0 Quote 69Floor
    Adquiri o Chip de memória no AliExpress:
    Já comprei vários Chips na loja "eStar Digital Store" e todas são originais. Para verificar se o Chip é original é só baixar o App "SD Insight" no Smartphone, colocar o Micro SD no Smartphone e executar o programa. Ele mostrará todas as características do Micro SD.
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    did anyone update successfully and see speed and coordinates?
    70mai? why users have problem but no solution from you?
  • 70mai 1 Months+
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    Hi, please tell us your problem in details.
    Didn't receive the update reminder? Can't update firmware?
  • 0 Quote 72Floor
    70mai Hi, please tell us your problem in details. Didn't receive the update reminder? Can't update firmwa ...
    i read users problems after update, so i didn't know, if i update my dash cam, will be add speed and coordinates on videos or not? or new problems will be occur? i afraid that my dashcam will be off for ever!!
    please help, should i update my dashcam to 1.0.5 or  wait for new and stable with no error update
    i am so sorry for my bad english writing!
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    M-DRV_1529576940990 I’ve updated my App and Firmware but no GPS and Speed info displays on the video in the App or the D ...
    for example this comment
  • 70mai 1 Months+
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    M-DRV_1529576940990 I’ve updated my App and Firmware but no GPS and Speed info displays on the video in the App or the D ...
    The speed and coordinates are shown on videos in album, you can't read it in real-time.
    And the GPS needs to be outside to get the signal. 
  • 0 Quote 75Floor

    when will the next update be? you NEED to get the coordinates and speed recorded onto files, this is a must! btw very nice camera well built and designed. best dashcam yet and I've been in the dashcam buisness since 2008. wouldnt mind being your tester. also add the option to be able to stop recording, sometimes I dont want the camera to be constantly recording.

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