Can the air conditioner compressor be repaired?

      The air-conditioning compressor is broken and can be repaired. It is recommended that professional repair personnel be tested and repaired according to the actual situation. The air-conditioning compressor plays the role of compressing and driving the refrigerant in the air-conditioning refrigerant circuit. Air-conditioning compressors are generally installed in outdoor units. The air-conditioning compressor draws the refrigerant from the low-pressure area, compresses it, and sends it to the high-pressure area for cooling and condensation. The heat is radiated through the fins to the air. The refrigerant also changes from a gaseous state to a liquid state, and the pressure increases.


  Check for broken air conditioner compressor

   First analyze whether the pressure of the air conditioning system is normal. Check the pressure of the system with the air conditioner filling machine, and find that the up and down pressure of the air conditioning system is normal compared with the normal value when it is static. In this way, the lack of refrigerant is basically eliminated to form the reason why the air conditioner does not work. Check whether the working circuit of the air-conditioning system compressor is normal, check the positive pole of the battery and initiate the F9 fuse in the engine room-BSI intelligent control box-the air-conditioning compressor is grounded, this line is normal, continue to check the fuse in the cabin of the battery positive pole-BSI-air conditioning compression Machine-ground, this line is also normal.

Check whether the pressure switch of the air conditioning system is normal. According to the circuit diagram, check the voltage of the 1st pin of the air conditioner pressure switch 12 volts. After shorting the 1st and 3rd pins, the fan rotates at high speed: after shorting the 1st and 2nd pins, the engine speed increases: then shorting the 1st pin and The pin 4 does not work. All this shows that the pressure switch and its control circuit are working properly.


  Using PRXfA diagnostic instrument to stop reading and deleting the fault code of the air conditioning system, the system is normal. Set the air conditioning system to stop the parameter reading: R1TD air conditioning X: FRIC initiated control system X; VIN air conditioning X. This clarifies that the system settings are all normal.


   Finally stop checking the intelligent control box BSI. Replace with a new BSI control box, use the PRXI A diagnostic instrument to enter the electronic control unit settings, and stop all operations according to the operation steps for replacing the BSI control box: enter the user password, enter the VIN number, spare parts organization number, stop the system settings, etc. After the operation is completed, start the engine and turn on the air conditioning switch, everything is normal.


If you really encounter an air conditioner compressor when you are using it, you should find that if the air conditioner compressor is not working, even if we turn on the air conditioner, the air conditioner can not be cooled.

Air conditioning compressor maintenance

   1. Close the suction cut-off valve, start the compressor for a few minutes, discharge the refrigerant in the crankcase into the condenser, and make the crankcase vacuum.


   2. Prepare the lubricant.


   3. Hold the mouth of the suction pipe with your finger and start the compressor to extract the air in the crankcase.


   4. Immerse the mouth of the pipe with your finger in the oil. After immersing, let go and the oil will be sucked into the crankshaft pipe from the oil pipe.


   5. Observe whether the oil level indicator reaches the oil level line.


   6. Remove the copper pipe and connector, screw on the screw plug and tighten, start the compressor to let the air sucked in the crankcase to be drawn out, and when the exhaust sound is not heard, tighten the plug of the exhaust shut-off valve. 7. Open the suction and exhaust shut-off valves to complete the refueling work.

      i also have some other tips about air compressor.

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