Hi, there are only high, medium and low voice options but how can i mute it?

It's extremely annoying and disturbing!

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    We currently don't have products like that but we appreciate your feedback and we'll send this over to our product team to see if we can add them to the product series. 
    We appreciate your support and if you have any more feedback or any suggestions, please feel free to let us know. :)
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    70mai We currently don't have products like that but we appreciate your feedback and we'll send this ove ...
    Please update firmware/app and give us an option to mute that annoying voice.Many thanks!
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    Mute option would be perfect, because even if you set Volume at Low it is still very loud. Please give the option to the user to select whatever Volume he wants. Other brands have this option, so it should not be a problem for 70Mai. Thanks!
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    +1 to the mute option via fw update
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    Is there any update to this suggestion? It has been more than 4 months.
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    Ok I disconnected the speaker from its connection.
    So satisfying. 
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    While i also would like to turn the voice off, i'm not as disturbed by it like everyone here. If you are so distracted by the voice maybe you shouldn't be driving if you are so easily distracted. 
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