No sound on videos and can't find folders for down loaded videos

I have two problems.  Can someone please help me.

1. The videos I play on my cell phone while WiFi connected to the 70mai all have sound.  When I take the chip out of the camera and put it in my computer none of the videos have sound.

2. I also can not find the album where I have down loaded the videos to the cell phone.  They are not on the chip nore in the phone.

Thank you

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    I am having similar problem. Sound is not playing when I load the TF card in my laptop. This is disgusting and third rate service from 70mai. Very angry at this cheap product. If you have any ethics reply and solve this issue as soon as possible.
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  • 70mai 2019-7-25
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    Sorry about this, please try the VLC player. And could tell me your sell phone system?
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    I have this too in a samsung s10e
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