[SOLVED] Parking surveillance not turning on. Update problem

Hi, i have two 70mai 1s Midrive D06.

I have hardwired the dash cams

Before i updated from 1.0.1.ww to 1.0.4.ww the dashcam turned off after 20 minutes with g-sensor still on when the car was turned off.

However now after the update, the dashcam keeps recording.. the led light stays on all night.. I tried playing around with every setting, and even tried factory reset and setting it up again.. but didn't get anywhere

Is it possible to downgrade to 1.0.1.ww again ?

I got my dashcams of Amazon Australia.

Any help is appreciated,


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    Problem solved: solution was the gsensor wasnt triggering because of the Dashcam angle. So litreally keeping the Dashcam upside down worked... 

    I swapped my back dashcam with the front one, and it all started working normally again..

    Anyways if you have this similar problem most likely its the angle of your dashcam not letting it go into power saving mode/park mode

    - Troy
    5 Days+
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