So how big is the chance to get a software update where we can disable the very annoying voice?

Just got my 70mai mini Dash cam, and I already regret it that I have not researched more. *sigh* I found this product on YouTube searching some Dash cam’s. Ordering over Ali was easy and the delivery to Europe ultra-fast. In fact, never got an eBay or Ali Express delivery within 9 days. WOW, great service 70mai. The quality of the product is equal what you pay. It’s not premium but it's also not cheap. Functions are also okay for the price, the app is...mhhh...okay'ish. But the stupid voice comments are absolutely a deal breaker, simply not necessary, no even more it's annoying and it rates the product down. So said, if people like this fine, but then why not make it optional. 

70mai, please work on a software update to let people turn this off, or on. I'm currently considering returning it, never did this with Ali let's see how this works...

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