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Hello! Please make it available on all of your dash cameras to make your products users life easier:

1. VOICE folder on SD card will override buildin voice files if any available in folder

2. FONTS folder on SD card will be used for fonts override (ttf, pixel fonts, any option will do the job)

3. IMAGES folder - for logo/other images

4. Wifi Client mode to connect to car build-in wifi point or user network, not vice versa - nobody wants to switch wifi networks every time to use your app.

5. You can allow to update all these settings via config file - all users will love it.

Thank you! Hope to see these updates in your next update! 

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  • Amicus 6 Months+
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    My special vote is for suggestion 4. Wifi Client mode to connect to car build-in wifi point or user network, not vice versa
    6 Months+
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    Hold on, this will allow each user to adjust everything for themselves.
    1 Months+
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