Recording quality at night Video problem

I'm a bit disappointed at the quality at darkness. But I think it may be improvied with some settings/configuratrion. Does anyone give me any idea/option/hint on this? I use this cam on rear window, which is covered with smoked black film.

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    Camera is perfectly performing fine what it is supposed to do. 
    Actually due to dark film on rear window seems "night" for the camera. And Camera is trying to push the brightness which is turning the image quality showing "higher ISO".. 

    You should just remove some part of the film form window, Just make a small square like masking kind of cut with a cutter from window film... 

    See this image to get an idea..

    and then record video.  

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    Thank you for the reply. So guess my smoked black film may be the culprit.
    However, I don't want to cut it so will think of getting another cam compatible with the film though it's likely to be more expensive.

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