No visual data on the screen from GPS Module


I made every adjustment with succesfully.

Sometimes, i dont see & hear any warning sound, location data or speed data on the screen.

What is the reason? For example, must the air & sky be clear to take gps data correctly? 

Could we say if no clear sky, no speed data, no warning message from device???

I reformat the sd card. Nothing change?

Also could we say, in close car parking areas ( no sky viewing)  = No gps data, no warning sounds, no speed gps datas?

Thanks in advance

PS: I can see the round adas image at the top right of the screen.

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    You can view the gps coordinates when you play the recorder video in the dashcam or the app? Since gps data are not shown while recording and only will be shown while playing the video
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    My mistake than, thanks for your reply.
    To be sure, ı want to repeat, gps data and the speed data can be see on the screen only while watching a recorded video file from directly the device or via app on the phone. Otherwise, while ı drive, in normal recording mode, ı cannot see any gps or speed data from device screen. Am i right ?

    My second question is about sound cautions from device ( beware.... / motion detected...) In which situations can be taken from device. Is there any speed limit or road type, sky situation etc
    Thanks again...
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