I was cheated by 70mai! I will never buy 70mai again! SD card

I wrote about the fact that my card compatible and even faster than class 10 memory cards does not work in 70mai and the same card works without any problems in the old (already several years) car recorder. 70mai technical support responded after a month (what a reflex!). Here's the answer:

"Sorry for this inconvenience, the memory card standard of our device request Class 10. And the memory card should be replaced after long term use.

You can replace a new card to solve this problem. (32G SAMSUNG Memory Card will be enough). The reason why we recommend this card is that we didn't receive fault feedback about this card yet."

I spent a lot of money on buying a better 64 GB memory card (the specification says 70mai dash cam pro supports 64GB class 10 or higher) - support 70mai as a solution offers me buying a 32GB Samsung memory card?!?!?!?! I'm in shock! 70mai cheats on its users! 70mai does not write on its website that the device only works with Samsung 32 GB cards!

This is the first and last 70mai device I bought !!! I demand from 70mai to take this recorder from me and give my money back !!! Fraudsters !!!

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    Please, don't recommend buying this shit! There is no technical support from the manufacturer. They made shit to fool people!
  • Amicus 2020-3-5
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    We all know that support doesn't react fast if customer requests refund.

    I had problem with gearbest.com and I have waited three months for refund. I have oredered and paid for weather station and I have newer received it. They even changed status of order to delivered!

    After three month they acknowledged that order has never been shipped.

    Regarding dashCam pro, I have 70mai Dash Cam Pro 1944P GPS ADAS Cam Car DVR Voice Control 24H Parking Monitor 140FOV WiFi dashcam.

    I'm using SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC Memory Card + Adapter up to 100 MB/s, Class 10, U1, A1, FFP 64GB and it works without any problems since october 2019.

    Did you try to format card with SD card formatter?

    I always use thos little program to format SD cards.

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    Hi, i have a 64GB card with 65MB recording and Dash cam claims it is too slow and that I would exchange for a faster one. I tried various things formatting on a PC, formatting in Dashcam etc. - to no avail.
    I wrote to 70mai, after 2 months they told me to buy a 32GB Samsung memory card. This is absurd!
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    New firmware version and still dash cam can't see fast memory cards! I have no words! Don't buy this shit !!!!!
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    Amicus answered you above that 64GB SanDisk microSDXC works fine with 70mail DashCam Pro.
    Also my 32GB SanDisk Extreme microSDHC V30 U3 works perfectly with my camera.
    You haven't been cheated by 70mai but your SD card or your camera are defective. Check them thoroughly and replace defective item instead of persistently spamming this community with irresponsible statements.

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    The device is in working order, works with the 16GB card none name. The Toshiba 64 GB memory card is new and tested and is functional! The memory card meets higher conditions than the minimum required by 70mai dash cam: 65MB write, 90MB read. The card's capacity is 64GB, so according to the requirements set by 70mai before buying dash cam and memory cards were met.
    To my questions (written several times) the 70mai technical service wrote back to me after 2 months! As a solution, they told me to buy a Samsung 32GB memory card! So I have a hard foundation to say that 70mai are scammers who produce shit! Honestly they should write in the specification: that the 70mai dash cam only works properly with 32GB Samsung memory cards!
    Now they have released new firmware and dash cam doesn't support card!
    So you don't accuse me of spamming, I have the right to request a reliable technical service!
    I have an old G1WH dash cam that supports my new 64GB card without any problems!
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    Try Sandisk High Endurance Card, it works!!! 64 GB

    Had tried a number of brands in class 10. They don't work.
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