Software improvements for mini dashcam Suggestions


I have some ideas for improving software for the DashCam Mini

1. Add the ability to turn off voice alerts. In this case, you can use some sound alerts.

2. Fix the error during connection to the application. When I turn off recording from the application’s settings, Dash Cam continues to say “Stop recording / Start recording” when I open the gallery or return to live view.

3. Add the ability to split the video by 5 minutes.

4. Add an option to display Wi-Fi status: connection, speed, band...

5. Improvement of the Russian language - currently it is made by an electronic voice synthesizer and sounds very ugly.

6. Add the ability to disable DashCam immediately after disconnecting the power cable


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    I would say suggestion number 1 is imperative to have! I definitely do not want the camera telling me what it is doing every-single-time, I want it to be as inconspicuous as possible. This should be an option for those who want audio alerts, and those who don't. Surely this is possible via a software update? This is really giving me second thoughts of returning the camera.
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    All applications are necessary, if you implement them in the new firmware it will be the best registrar for its price
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