70mai mini dash cam - event video saving Suggestions

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Hello! Recently I became the owner of the Dash Cam Mini registrar and I have some suggestions.

As we all know, mini dash cam can't be controlled by voice so we can't save emergency video in "event" folder. It will be really good to add this option and I have two suggestions:
1. Best option is to use power or wifi button to save video and provide it from overwritting. Power button is programmable (we can use it for different actions) so I can't see obstacle to use it for saving emergency video too.
2. Not as good as above, but still better than nothing, to do it by app. Just add option to mark and drop choosen video from folder "normal" to "event". First option would be better because we would not have to look for the record in the app.

I really hope that in new versions of the software you will pay attention to my suggestions.
BTW: Good Job as always. Video quality here is really good.

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    I am voting for the first method.
    but any solution will be good.
    movie on demand is must have!
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    Hi, I vote for the first option too. To be honest I'm surprised that there is no button to save emergency video. This is very useful option available in almost all cameras, can you make it possible to save the video with one-click. That is the most important option, in my opinion.  
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