How do you disable the voice system??? Voice Problem


How do I disable the voice everytime it starts/stops? If this feature is not available, for the love of god implement it!

The LEDs tell us if the system is working, we don't need to hear that voice! 


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  • 70mai 8 Months+
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    We currently only support power-on sound enable&disable options, if you don't like the voices you can select low in your speaker volume choice. And we are working on adding an option which can close the majority of the voice option now.
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    is there any update on this? I'm seriously considering disabling the speaker with a pair of wire cutters!
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  • Patryk 6 Days+
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    Please add an option to turn off all sounds!
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    Anybody knows how to disassemble to cam to disconnect or cut the speaker wire?
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