Thank you for firmware 1.0.7

Unfortunately, the automatic update does not see firmware upgrade from 1.0.5, which is why I downloaded and installed it manually. And thank you very much for this update, because I can finally record 3-minute videos (approx. 250MB in HD) and finally on the computer videos I can see the speed information from GPS. Thank you.

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    Hi man, 
    Thank you so much for your sharing. Could you share with me the file firmware to update manual?
    Thank you so much. 
    And here is my email:
    Thank you so much one again. Have a nice day!
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    M-DRV_1575901059685 Hi man, Thank you so much for your sharing. Could you share with me the file firmware to update ma ...

    You can upgrade your firmware in your app by following the guidance above. The update steps are almost the same, and we are editing new guidance, which is more clear, for users.
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    70mai You can upgrade your firmware in your app by followin ...
    Hello. Why firmware 1.0.7ru has not yet been released? Have you forgotten about her?
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    M-DRV_1576227819023 Hello. Why firmware 1.0.7ru has not yet been released? Have you forgotten about her?
    The 1.0.7ru is released a month ago, can you find the upgrade notification in your 70mai app?
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    70mai The 1.0.7ru is released a month ago, can you find the upgrade notification in your 70mai app?
    An update for firmware version "na" was released; for 1.0.6ru, an update is not available in the application.
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    M-DRV_1576227819023 An update for firmware version "na" was released; for 1.0.6ru, an update is not available ...
    Did you change your firmware from English to Russian? If your original version is RU, please send your email address to us via private message and we will send you the instruction to upgrade your firmware.
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    "The 1.0.7ru is released a month ago"
    Really? Are you sure? Аnd still nobody knows?
    Large community of 70mai pro users on forum  and still no one 
    received update to 1.0.7 RU(!) 

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