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Hi, today I came to my car and I noticed the red light is on (not blinking, just on). So I removed the cam from power source and it is now 2 hours the red light is still on, what is cause of this? I tried to remove SD card but no change. Thanks

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    Red light = Abnormally recording.
    Have you tried to format SD card? 
    You can also try Factory reset.
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    What's the device's problem despite the red light? It was not automatically turned off or recording error?
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    I have exactly the same problem. Buttons aren't working at all so I cannot even connect to the app. Nothing is happening except for continous red light and screen switched on all the time. Please advice. 
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    I have the same problem...
    Red light and buttons are not working.
    What I have to do?
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    Same issue. What the resolution, short of returning product?
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    Figured it out- hold power button for about 10-15 seconds until red light goes off. Then hold power button and it will re-power on with proper green light and recording.
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    Man above me: HUGE THAKNS! you saved my life! wanted to turned back my dash cam to seller ))) Damn, is it product bug or not? Gotta check all the time before start driving (((
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