Videos saved in Full Hd & VGA simultaneously Guidance

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In my 70mai Dash Cam Pro, I found two folders (in  SD card) in which the same video was saved in two resolutions - in one folder named "normal", Full HD videos were saved and in another folder named "normal_s", same video with VGA resolution was saved.

Can you let me know why the dash cam is saving the video in two formats at the same time?

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AR Augustine

最后于 1 Months+ 被70mai编辑 ,原因:
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    same problem on mine, i also have two folders and saves same video with different resolution.
    M-DRV_1560328194082  just to clarify, did you changed firmware on your dashcam ? or modify ?

    did you 
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    I think the low res video is needed for preview in the app in order to have a smooth playback and fast thumbnail loading, and the high res video is downloaded to the phone through the app.
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    Sound like a wrong implementation, wasting too much space on the card.
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