After an unsuccessful attempt to upgrade from version 1.0.5na to version 1.0.6na (no idea what happend that it was unsuccessful, there was communicate that everything is going fine), the device does not work. There is only a screen with "live video" without possibity even to turn off the live video, no icons, it doesn't react when pressing any button. What to do? Howto reset device?

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    Pull the memory card out and try reformating it.
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    I have same problem and I don't know what I do.
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    I pulled the card out, but there is no information, that card is missing. Doesn't matter if card is in or out, on the screen there is just "live video", without any reaction on pressing the buttons (sometimes holding power switch off the screen, but maybe it happens that battery is low). No icons for buttons, no any cominicate what wrong (card missing, menu, etc).
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    I try everything but still not working. Some problem only "live video". 
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    Problem solved with help of 70mai customer service.

    They sent manual and link to the file: LGDJ404.1.0.6na_M005.tar

    I follow the manual and finally I manage to alive my device.

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    I can't attach the manual they sent.
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    Can you send again for we transfer for me, please?
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    M-DRV_1563014183276 Problem solved with help of 70mai customer service.They sent manual and link to the file: L ...
    Please, can you send me this manual? I've a problem to download these link. tks
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