calibration failed ADAS

hello everyone. not sure whether i'd get any help here, but just thought to give it a try

i am using the dash cam pro in my car and with ads it keeps wanting to calibrate everytime it restarts(once i enter the car), and asks to drive at 20km/hr or more, which i do. but always it fails. what should i do? it's been like that forever

one more thing, just updated the firmware to 1.0.6na and in the update remarks, it says something about the logo in recorded videos. i didn't see any options for that after the camera updated. is it possible to remove the 70mai logo from recorded videos? if so, how?

thanks to everyone in advance

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  • Mazda CX-9 2019-11-3
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    For calibration  you will need to drive on a road with clear road marking, just drive above 20km/hr and it will work.
    And for the Logo on the video setting I think we have to wait for the next phone app update.
  • Amicus 2019-11-4
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    For calibration you need to drive on the road with clearly visible lines.
    Just turn of and then turn on ADAS to force camera to start calibration.
    Move lens according to the onscreen instructions and drive some time (until camera announces successful calibration) around 40km/h.
    I have done calibration four times and had no problems.

    Check if you have properly connected GPS module (check recorded video on camera to see GPS coordinates and speed). ADAS will not work without GPS.

    I have updated 70mai pro to 1.06na and can't find option to turn off logo. 

  • Mazda CX-9 2019-11-4
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    To make the calibration work. Try to aim the camera a bit down, show more dashboard in the view, 60% of the view below the horizon line. This will reduce glare during day and night times. Road marking will be more visible for calibration and you will have a sharper videos. 
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    Amicus For calibration you need to drive on  ...
    with the new app update, the option to turn logo off is there. but for me the logo still shows, even after turning the option off
  • Amicus 2019-11-5
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    M-DRV_1572715460379 with the new app update, the option to turn logo off is there. but for me the logo still shows, even ...
    I have updated app and found option to turn off logo. I have removed logo from the video.
    It works without problems.

    Have you updated camera firmware to 1.06na?
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    I have the same issue now. GPS is detected however it just fail calibration.
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    I am having the same problem. I am following all the instructions on screen but it still fails. Can someone please advise the step by step process? Im not really sure how to place the yellow line on screen during the instruction process. 
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