1. Would be great if you could somehow (i.eg. by voice or better, touching onscreen button) save video as emergency, while preview on phone. Screen on device is small and I prefer watching live preview on phone screen.

2. Also good idea would be if you can connect app to youtube account, so videos could be sent to YT directly from phone.

3. Maybe better if camera would be connected to phone hotspot, instead of making it's own. That would make connection and also internet on phone (LTE) would be active.

4. If camera could connect to wifi hotspots, it could be automated, that emergency videos are sent to YT account.

5. Still waiting for polish language :)

I'm currently using AutoGuard (on android device in one car), and 70mai dash cam pro. And I'm missing some features from Autoguard app 

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    This is sad :( almost a month and not a single answer?
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    I have great concerns about the security of your ideas 2 and 4. I would not like my camera even had the technical ability to insert anything on Y2B. Even on my account.
    Similar security concerns in question 3. I would not like my camera to have access to my smartphone. It's safer when the smartphone has access to the camera.
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    Agree, but. 
    I'm writing about possibility, not about only way to act. On security issues, I am against imposing solutions. This is my problem if I don't set a secure password, use unsafe connections, etc. However, no one should forbid me to do so. A simple warning would be enough.

    EDIT: And i discovered that point 1 is already solved. Voice commands work fine, IDK why it didn't work earlier... Probably my english wasn't fluent enough :D

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    I understand your point but have you heard about data leakage? When the FW supposedly will contain an option to directly upload data to Y2B this will be the first step for a data leakage. Setting such option to 'disbaled' will never guarantee that a leakage is impossible. "The more features the more vulnerabilities".
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    Thinking this way I believe I should turn my fridge and washing mashine off permanently...  Not to mention Roborock vacuum cleaner...
    Anyways, storing important Videos in (any)cloud (like YT) should be an option. You see, now it's just more difficult, but recordings get there anyway. If not automated, maybe add SHARE option?

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    Please stay focused on secfurity & data leakage issues and let's not distract attention about the washing machines etc.
    Can't you simply use the computer / smartfone to upload videos anywhere you want and just use VR with it's core functions i.e. video recording?

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    I could. But those videos as far as I know doesent go to gallery... you need to find folder with vids, and manually send them wherever you need... And yes - that sucks. In 20' of XXI century sharing your footage shouldnt be an option. It's standart...

    EDIT: And btw... what data leakage are you talking about? Someone will hack to my YT account, or even better my camera and see what??? F.ng streets... same sh.t you can get on Google Streetview...

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    ... and hear every word spoken in the car (if mic enabled), see your garage from inside, see your office buliding or the mall you usually do your shoppings.
    Not enough?

    Please remember also that in some countries it is forbidden to make such video recordings and even own the camera.during driving (see Austria).

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    Security of a person should be in interest of a person. Not the goverment, nor mine or yours. If I'm scared of whet anyone can see I can disable connecting. If I dont give a shit, why you want to forbid me?  
    And about the law in Austria and also Germany - actually athough you cannot use video recorders in cars, the records could be proof in court! Thats interesting isn't it? And another thing, if  it is forbiden to drive under influence of alcohol, maybe they should stop selling beer? Or maybe, just don't do it... Don't drink and drive, don't use cameras in Austria, dont send videos on youtube, that you dont want anyone to see, or send them as private...
    Anyways, what I'm trying to say - nothing stops me from using camera in Austria, nothing stops me from sending videos to youtube. Nothing accept my common sense. And app doesen't stop me either. It just make it harder.
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    If Y2B is so important in your life maybe you should consider other dashcam with this function already implemented?
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    You know something? It's really unproductive discussion. I say "It's good idea" and you "NO, because security". I say "security is individual problem", you - "No your security is mine problem". This gets nowhere. Idk if you are from 70mai support or not, but if you are, just say "We won't do it", otherwise please shut the fuck up...
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    Of course I'm not from 70mai. 
    If functionalities that raise instability or security issues are included in FW, they will affect all users. So this is not an individual problem.
    I hope that 70mai will not waste time trying to transform the camera into a media center and will fix other really important issues.

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