Call for voluntters: We are looking for volunteers to test the solution of WiFi connection issue WiFi connection

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Hi guys,

As we all know, some of you can not connect wifi after upgrading your system to IOS 13. Now, we have a test version for resolving this issue.

If you have this issue and you are willing to become the volunteer to try the solution first, please send me your email address via private message. You can reply here and I will send a message to you as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Best regards

Grace from 70mai team

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    reserve reserve reserve reserve
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    Looks like have fixed it.. follow the below steps and the issue would get fixed..

    * Enable the Location settings of the 70 Mai app (This is the root of the problem, must have been disabled by the users while installing the app)

    * Forget the hotspot connection previous enabled

    * Activate the hotspot connection by entering the default password

    * Launch the 70 Mai app

    .... and boom the device connects to the app and the startup configurations trigger.

    Do I get rewarded for the solution?

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  • 70mai 29 Days+
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    M-DRV_1571583587518 Looks like have fixed it.. follow the below steps and the issue would get fixed..* Enable the Locati ...
    Wow, that's impressive. Your iPhone IOS 13 can use 70mai app and dash cam as usual after the steps you replied?
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    Yes, confirmed

    My specs.. iPhone XR iOS 13.1.3
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  • 70mai 29 Days+
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    M-DRV_1571583587518 Yes, confirmed My specs.. iPhone XR iOS 13.1.3
    I will confirm with my colleague. You didn't set a community name yet?
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  • 70mai 29 Days+
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    M-DRV_1571583587518 Looks like have fixed it.. follow the below steps and the issue would get fixed..* Enable the Locati ...
    Congratulations, your solution is one of the solutions which can solve the issue.  good job man
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    Am a new user and yet to set a community user, will do in sometime.
    Thanks for the confirmation though on the solution acceptance !
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    I'm not sure if that fit here, but that works for me as well (on android 10, pixel 3). BUT, after closing this renewed connection, it's impossible to connect again. I have to forget the connection EACH time i want to connect to the device. 
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    Still not working on iOS update. I will test beta if needed. I have two Pro’s
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  • 70mai 23 Days+
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    Hi, I have replied you guys via private message, please feel free to send me the private message. And I will reply all messages timely and patiently.
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  • 70mai 23 Days+
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    M-DRV_1572001391274 I'm not sure if that fit here, but that works for me as well (on android 10, pixel 3). BUT, after cl ...
    The connection issue mostly happens in IOS system, android can try to turn off and on the location access; turn off and on 70mai's location authorization; restart instead.

    Please contact me if this issue still not resolved after you tried the solution I provided.
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    PM sent! Tried above method but still not working for iOS 13
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  • 70mai 22 Days+
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    M-DRV_1572412430921 PM sent! Tried above method but still not working for iOS 13
    You have tried all steps?
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    M-DRV_1571583587518 Looks like have fixed it.. follow the below steps and the issue would get fixed..* Enable the Locati ...
    Hello, u can help me?. U Can upload a video of the screen with the steps? I cant connect my iphone with the cam.

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  • Arif Bakri 21 Days+
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    Beta apps works on the wifi connection with iphone with ios13. However the app cannot access the videos or photos with error msg ‘network nit available’. When selecting album, i could see the photo and video count though. Pls fix
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  • 70mai 20 Days+
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    Arif Bakri Beta apps works on the wifi connection with iphone with ios13. However the app cannot access the vid ...
    Thanks for your feedback
    20 Days+
  • 70mai 20 Days+
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    M-DRV_1572444124138 Hello, u can help me?. U Can upload a video of the screen with the steps? I cant connect my iphone w ...
    Please check your pm message
    20 Days+
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    70mai Hi, I have replied you guys via private message, please feel free to send me the private message. An ...
    I am still not able to connect. I would like to try the beta. 
    11 Days+
  • tok 11 Days+
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    Hi there, i am having same problem with wifi connection. 

    IOS 13.2

    Dashcam pro

    Apps Mai ver 1.4.0

    Please fix it faster. 

    There are many problems from ios users. There is something wrong with your software xioami. 

    I am willing to become as a volunteer to resolve this fucking annoyying problem. 


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  • 70mai 10 Days+
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    tok Hi there, i am having same problem with wifi connection. IOS 13.2Dashcam proApps Mai ver 1. ...

    The IOS 13 WiFi connection can be resolved by following the instruction. 

    Please tell me your iPhone version and in which step were you successfully connected the WiFi. You can download the guide with the link below:

    You can contact me if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing feedback from you.

    Best regards
    Grace from 70mai team
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  • 70mai 10 Days+
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    M-DRV_1573222451434 I am still not able to connect. I would like to try the beta.
    Try the guide above.
    10 Days+
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