Possible faulty battery - doesn't store any charge after 10 months of use Parking surveillance

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I hope to get some help from this community, regarding the battery issues of my device.

I own a 70mai Pro, Midrive D02 (v1.0.5) + GPS module Midrive D03, bought on November 15, 2018, from LightInTheBox platform and delivered in January 2019.


On my first trials, at home I, realized the device wasn’t able to work for more than 5 minutes without needing charge again. At that time, I didn’t consider an issue, since the dashcam would be connected to the vehicle power source.


After a few months of use, every time I turn off the vehicle ignition I get a message instructing me to connect the device to a power source – meaning, the battery doesn’t have any charge, although it was connected to a power supply for the previous hour.


Currently, if the vehicle is parked for more than a day, the device doesn’t even store the date, and must be reset every time I turn on the ignition. If a event (like a collision) takes place when the vehicle is parked, the camera do not registered because it doesn’t store any power – and, in fact, recently there was a collision with my parked vehicle and the dashcam was useless to identify the cause because it didn’t recorded any event.


This seems to be a faulty battery. I’ve contacted the seller (LightInTheBox) which claims the warranty is void – they only provide 30 months warranty, which, for me, it’s ridiculous providing only 30 days of warranty. They instruct me to contact 70mai, which I did using the help@70mai.com and servicecenter@70mai.com contacts. Until now, I haven’t received any reply.


Is this a known issue? Is there battery replacements available?


Best regards.

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    The same problem is here.
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    I have same problem.

    I was getting "The battery is low, please connect car charger" error before.

    Now, every time when I turn on my car, 70mai says "Time reset, connect your phone to set date".

    Sometimes it gives "last power off was abnormal" error. It's 10 month product. Please help about this problem.

    Every time, I need to connect to my phone app and update the date and time before I drive.

    10 month later it's became useless. It's now really annoying.

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    Have same issue, anyone know the battery model? where i can get it? aliexpress?
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  • Mazda CX-9 6 Months+
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