setups is gone after powering off Register problem

The Cam needs to be authorized every time after power cable is plug out or power button is off.

If firstly authorized then needs to be at least connected with phone via wifi otherwise blue light is blinking and sayng"pls. authorize" After wifi connection and phone app launching it starts to record.

Battery is ok - recording without powering works

Memory?!  - all setup is forgotten after power off

It looks that some internal memory which should remember the setup and authorization doesn't work! Do the phone conecting again and again before car driving is stupid.

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  • M-DRV_1562744584296 10 Months+
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    hallo, I do to believe that only my cam has this failure, can any of you help me?
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  • 70mai 10 Months+
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    Hi there, what's your firmware version? 
    The latest version is 1.0.8.
    If it's not the latest version, please update firmware to the latest version.
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  • M-DRV_1562744584296 10 Months+
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    firmware is already updated
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  • M-DRV_1562744584296 10 Months+
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    10 Months+
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    ...and what I can do  now?
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    Same problem as well
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    The same problem.
    v 1.0.8eu - I tried an e-mail contact but after 2 messages the contact was broken.
    8 Months+
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