my 70mai works well about two months. Then yesterday starts to indicate an issue with SD so, I formatted SD card.

Now the cam after power on ask to connect iPhone and do the authorization (blue light blinking). I do it but after power off and on camera again ask for authorization. Cam forgot that has been authorized already.

Also camera forget all setup what I did.

 So now before I drive my car I must connect my phone with cam and then the light change from blu to green and starts to record. 

I tried factory reset several time with new authorization but nothing help.

any idea? thank you very much

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    I have an idea!
    What is the battery status?
    Does the recorder work without power from the car (battery only)?
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    no, only red light is blinking, seems to be gone..
    I am searching some information how or is it possible to replace...
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    hmm there in not battery but capacitor?
    not replaceable???
    I do not know what i can do now....
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    next knowledge
    battery is ok
    - I can record video without powering
    - with powering( always connected to power source) then I press power button off and immediately on and then the camera is again not authorized blue blinking and asking to be paired with a phone and all setups are gone

    some internal memory is dead?
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    Please update firmware to the latest version 1.0.8 by 70mai APP.
    If this doesn't work, please contact us again. 
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    is already updated to 1.0.8
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    with latest firmware cam doesn’t work, I am contacting you again...and?
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  • 70mai 8 Months+
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    What's going on with your device's issue? @M-DRV_1569939679393  You can answer my question if you need my help.
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    Nothing, nobody’s is able to help me.
    I think it is stupid firmware failure. Even is the cam is always asking for authorization, after the initial authorization the cam do not process the next authorization in fully steps. Cam wants to be only connected with phone and after wifi connection the authorization process is skipped and cam starts to normally work. ... but do this step every time before I drive somewhere oooh so stupid Thing 
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    Same problem with one of two cameras really sad about support from 70mai team
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    good to know that I am not alone :-). How it happened in your case? 
    I would try to reload the FW but I do not know how to do it.
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    HI 70MAI TEAM!

    You should know, why camera needs to be authorized again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again...........
    7 Months+
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