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my 70mai works well about two months. Then yesterday starts to indicate an issue with SD so, I formatted SD card.

Now the cam after power on ask to connect iPhone and do the authorization (blue light blinking). I do it but after power off and on camera again ask for authorization. Cam forgot that has been authorized already.

Also camera forget all setup what I did.

 So now before I drive my car I must connect my phone with cam and then the light change from blu to green and starts to record. 

I tried factory reset several time with new authorization but nothing help.

any idea? thank you very much

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    I have an idea!
    What is the battery status?
    Does the recorder work without power from the car (battery only)?
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    no, only red light is blinking, seems to be gone..
    I am searching some information how or is it possible to replace...
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    hmm there in not battery but capacitor?
    not replaceable???
    I do not know what i can do now....
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    next knowledge
    battery is ok
    - I can record video without powering
    - with powering( always connected to power source) then I press power button off and immediately on and then the camera is again not authorized blue blinking and asking to be paired with a phone and all setups are gone

    some internal memory is dead?
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    Please update firmware to the latest version 1.0.8 by 70mai APP.
    If this doesn't work, please contact us again. 
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    is already updated to 1.0.8
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