No sound on videos and can't find folders for down loaded videos Video problem

I have two problems.

1. The videos I play on my cell phone while WiFi connected to the 70mai all have sound.  When I take the chip out of the camera and put it in my computer none of the videos have sound.

2. I also can not find the album where I have down loaded the videos to the cell phone.  They are not on the chip nore in the phone.

Thank you

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  • László Gyulai 8 Months+
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    Download and install this:

    And you will have sound.

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    That is a chrome extension.  I have my files associated with movies and TV and/or windows media player.  Still now sound.  Thanks!

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  • 70mai 8 Months+
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    What's your cam model?
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    8 Months+
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    Also where are the folders located on the chip, camera, or phone that I download?
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    Hello??  Please answer?
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    Really not liking this junk camera and lazy support here...
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  • 70mai 6 Months+
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    Videos can be download to the local album in APP. Then you can export it from the APP local album to your phone.
    But the videos can't be sent to phone album directly.
    6 Months+
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