No sound on videos and can't find folders for down loaded videos

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I have two problems.

1. The videos I play on my cell phone while WiFi connected to the 70mai all have sound.  When I take the chip out of the camera and put it in my computer none of the videos have sound.

2. I also can not find the album where I have down loaded the videos to the cell phone.  They are not on the chip nore in the phone.

Thank you

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  • László Gyulai 21 Days+
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    Download and install this:

    And you will have sound.

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    That is a chrome extension.  I have my files associated with movies and TV and/or windows media player.  Still now sound.  Thanks!

  • 70mai 20 Days+
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    What's your cam model?
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    Also where are the folders located on the chip, camera, or phone that I download?
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    Hello??  Please answer?
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    Really not liking this junk camera and lazy support here...
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