please some body help me Register problem

Xpander 4 Months+ 228

i can run the aplication, even my wifi connected to 70mai, but the application can not detect my dash cam. please some body help me

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  • 70mai 4 Months+
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    What's your dash cam model?
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    It seems that the wrong application is being used.
    Smart Dash Cam uses the Wi-Fi network 70may_d01_XXXX
    In the screenshot 70may_d06_XXXX
    Check it out.
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    I got exactly the same problem
    with an android phone
    (samsung galaxy note 9),
    the phone does connect to dashcam's wifi but the app says its not.
    tried everything
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  • 70mai 3 Months+
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    M-DRV_1571857191135 I got exactly the same problem with an android phone (samsung galaxy note 9), the phone does conn ...
    Please check your private message.
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    i got the same problem, and i accidentally deleted the device from the app, anyway i can re-add the device to the app?  
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